Ragnarok 1St Job

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There are several jobs in Ragnarok which you can choose, there are:

The Swordsman

is fighting well with one-handed, two-handed swords or one-handed, two-handed spears, the Swordsman class is really depends on their skills to fight. using its skills such as Bash to deal direct damage to enemies. Also, the Swordsman class makes the best tanker of the first class characters, with the skills Increase HP Recovery and Provoke which respectively allow it to heal itself over time and to taunt an enemy to attack them. this is my favorite job among all jobs. 😀


The Acolyte

is the basic support in Ragnarok Online. It is the only one of the first-class characters with a healing ability. The Acolyte also may buff itself or others with skills such as Increase Agility, Blessing, and Angelus. the Acolyte class is good fighting to undead-type of monsters, with Divine Protection, Demon Bane, and Signum Crucis skills . The Acolyte class progresses to either Priest or Monk.


The Mage

is the basic offensive spell-caster in Ragnarok Online. You can become this job in the Magic City, Geffen. This class specializes in elemental damage such as Cold Bolt, Fire Bolt, and Lightning Bolt; the Mage can deal considerable damage to enemies. The Mage is usually used as a ranged fighter with their spell casting. The Most important attributes for them are INT and DEX. (INT is for magical attack power and DEX for a faster cast time).


The Thief 

class focuses on close-combat fighting like Swordsman but can also deal damage from afar like an Archer, by utilizing a bow. unlike the Swordsman which uses its high defense to absorb attacks, the Thief class uses its skills and high agility to dodge enemy attacks. .they have interesting skill like Double Attack, Hiding. Double Attack function is when you attack your enemy you can doubled your attacks and for Hiding skill, it’s avoided you from being attacked because certain monsters can’t see you when you’re hiding. but you can’t move when you use this skill.

The Merchant 

Merchants may purchase a cart to carry some items, especially some heavy items like oridecon, elunium, emperium,etc. as well as may open up street vendor shops with the Vending skill. The Merchant class also may purchase items from shops at a discounted rate, as well as may sell items to shops for higher prices, thanks to the Discount and “Overcharge skills.Merchants can have a cart with them, to put their items there. the cart also have its own wights. it’s up to 8000.

The Archer

as its name suggests, specializes in attacking with a bow and arrow. Its skills allow the Archer to attack from further away, as well as to fire two arrows at once with the “Double Strafing” skill. They can also rent a Falcon to help them attacking. Falcon can attack by its own when you increase your luk (luck). more luk more it can attack automatically.

And some alternatives,

The Taekwon class 

specializes in fighting without a weapon and focuses on kicking skills. These skills function uniquely as they are required to have a stance associated with a kick technique occur beforehand, which will happen at random during attack. They are able to change their element (for attacking) at will with their skill “Warm Wind”. Each level of “Warm Wind” allows Taekwon to use a different element ranging from fire to even ghost and holy. This, in turn, allows them to deal massive damage on monsters by using the monster’s elemental weakness. The Taekwon class can progress into either the Soul Linker or the Star Gladiator/Taekwon Master class.

The Ninja class 

specialized in fighting with ninja daggers, Shurikens and Kunais. They deal decent physical damage and magical damage to enemies which makes the versatile when facing monsters that have either high defense or high magic defense. The ninja can do massive damage with the skill Killing Stroke because the damage is depends on the Ninja’s HP and when Ninja’s use this skill, it consumes all except one of the Ninja’s HP.Ninjas have a good skill to avoid physical attack, it is Reverse-tatami. it’s a good skill I think. Ninja’s can use an Element stone that can cast a magic attack, Like Freezing-Spear. 

The Gunslinger 

class specializes in shooting from far away with guns.they are liked archers, but they use gun instead of bows.  the gun-type weapons are further broken down into sub categories of pistols, rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers and gatling guns. Some skills requires a certain gun to work. Gunslinger skills require coins which are obtained by the skill Coin Flip the coins also increase the damage done by the Gunslinger.

The Super Novice

Super novices are a special kind of class which exploits nearly every first class skill. Super Novices also sport highly effective armor and shields which reduce elemental attacks. Super Novices designed to have all the first job skills (swordsman, archer, thief, etc).

to be a Super Novices we must have a base Level of 99.


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