Natural Beauty Tips to Avoid Pimples

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Turmeric to Avoid Pimples

Even though we can get lot many creams from the market to fight against pimples, none of them can provide a long lasting result and instead they come with a lot of side effects which would eventually ruin your skin’s natural immunity and glow. Therefore instead of going the artificial way, it is always better to follow some beauty tip which has been adopted since ages.

Turmeric was found to be one of the main ingredients in the beauty treatment of older days. It has a prominent place in the Ayurveda. Turmeric can be effectively used to avoid pimples and pimple marks which continue to haunt the teens today.

Whenever some one speaks about the natural beauty tips or methods, every body will be thinking about the difficulties in getting those ingredients and the difficulties in following certain strict and not so comfortable method of applying those. But here it is very simple to get the ingredients as they are items common use and the method is also very simple and not time consuming.

The whole skin care method can be divided in to three steps.


Take 10 grams of turmeric and approximately 50 leaves of neem and grind turmeric without peeling of the skin. It is always better to have raw turmeric than turmeric powder as the latter may contain some preservatives. Moreover we can not be sure about the purity level of the turmeric powder available in the market. As far as neem leaves are concerned, there is nothing to worry as you have nothing more to do rather than getting the natural raw material available in everywhere around.


Take one litre of pure water and put turmeric and neem leaves in to it and boil it for five minute so that the water gets slight yellow colour.


Cover you face and keep it on the steam of the turmeric water and once the steam is over continue the process twice again by boiling the water appropriately.

Follow this cheap and simple beauty tip twice in a week. It is guaranteed that apart from having an attractive glow on your face, you would surely be relieved of pimples for ever!


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