How to Earn Online by Publishing Content

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While looking out for some websites to write articles online with the sole motive of creating as many back links as possible for my website, I came across a magnificent industry – Generate original content and earn online. Online writing / content generation industry is often called content farmer. They ask the used to put seeds of content and then share the crop, that is revenue generated by usage of various ad Networks like Google Adsense, Chitika etc.

Users are generating and publishing content in form of photographs and articles, or even audio/video for some websites. Then users may also, in fact are encouraged to play a role in promoting this content and directing traffic by broadcasting their content on StumbleUpon, users’ blogs and also social networking websites.

And good SEO techniques also play an important role by getting traffic from search engines. The revenue generated by ads is shared with the authors.

Different websites have different ways of sharing this revenue. Either they give you a certain amount per thousand visits to your column, or they share the revenue generated by clicks and impressions percentage wise amongst themselves and the users, or both.

Also, more than often, users i.e. the author community, themselves would be generating a lot of traffic, since they will visit and comment and rate each others’ content. So this is the basic idea behind the content farmers. Now let’s move on to the specific websites. All this I’m sharing with is the crux of my research 🙂 It should be more than enough to get someone started. You can continue from here, read articles about writing online and you’ll find more interesting stuff. If you got introduced to these websites by me, please do not forget to use my referral links to join the websites. It won’t cost you anything, but might be a little beneficial for me.

1. Factoidz: Amongst the websites we discuss here, Factoidz is the only one, where you have to apply for an account. They want a sample of your writing too. They are strict with their reviews. You write about informative stuff here. Thus, not too much freedom with topics for writing. But strict reviews cause quality content on the site. The articles you publish here should be generated by you, and not published anywhere. However, they allow you to republish an article after one month of publishing it on Factoidz. They pay you for every 1000 views, and also bonuses for being active. They pay you through Paypal.

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2. Triond: As they promote themselves, it’s just like blogging. You can write absolutely on any topic. Good thing is that your content gets filtered and goes to different websites, powered by Triond. For example, a computer related tutorial you publish would go to, and a movie review might end up being published at Again the content you publish here should not have been published somewhere else. But unlike Factoidz, only after one day of publishing you can republish it somewhere else. You can publish photo, video, audio etc. also. They share with you 50% of the revenue generated by your content. You may get occasional bonuses also. For example, two months ago, in their “February special” month, if any user wrote five or more articles under specified categories, s/he became eligible for 10% of his/her actual earning at Triond. For receiving the payments, either you can create a new Adsense account or connect with you already existing account.

Since they are not fussy about content, the quality of content is often poor.

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3. Hubpages: You will enjoy being part of the amazing community at HubPages, very talented authors. You get freedom of writing, as well as quality content since there is a concept of hubscore – more score for a popular, more viewed and highly rated article. They would give 60% of the revenue generated by your hubs to you. You should publish original content here, and you can’t republish the stuff you publish here. They can also un-publish your hub if it’s found to violate their rules. And continuous violations might lead to account termination. Due to the value added feedbacks one can get on HubPages with the talented community, I would prefer publishing my creative stuff here.

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4. Bukisa and Wikinut: These are two separate sites, you can publish already published content too on Bukisa or Wikinut. Bukisa pays you through Adsense or Chitika (Another ad network like Adsense). Wikinut pays you through Paypal. These are excellent sites as they provide an additional way to earn through articles you’ve already published on Factoidz, or Triond, or even your own blog.

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5 Redgage: Redgage is different, it’s more like social networking: You can share status message, share links, upload content and you get paid for your uploaded or shared content. Since you can also share links, which would be your content, it means that you’ll get paid if someone views links shared by you too. So that means, not only original content created by us, but also recommending someone else’s work can generate some revenue. You can share your photos too. The best part is, if your content is viewed or rated highly, it might get to the featured content at RedGage, and you might receive bonus for that piece of content.

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These websites pay online, either via adsense/chitika/konterra (you have to create accounts) or via Paypal. Only exception is Redgage. You get a card after your payout reaches their minimum limit of probably $100. Then from there on amount gets credited to your card. 

For Redgage, Wikinut, Factoidz – You can just create accounts on the above websites and start writing, and don’t bother about payouts right now. Once you’ve earned some amount, then you can update your payment settings. However, that wouldn’t be applicable to Bukisa, HubPages and Triond since you’ve to create and  adsense/chitika account and update your affiliate settings. But it’s not that difficult. And trust me, it’s really worth the fun.

Huh… that was a lot, wasn’t it :). So there you go. Start right off. Write a lot. Improve a lot as a writer. And, my best wishes, earn a lot 🙂 

If you are already on either of the above sites, please join me, these are my profile links, you can add me as friend:


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