Provolone Pizza Recipe!

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Provolone is an italian cheese, from the south of the country.

To do it in a pizza:

  1. Knead the pizza dough as you want. Brown the pizza dough at the oven.

  2. Grate provolone cheese as small as you can.

  3. Put some tommato sauce, then add oregano on top of it.

  4. Slice muzzarella and put it on the tomatto. Then the provolone on top

  5. Add more oregano and put it into the oven for 5-10 minutes at 180° C

  6. Add some black olives, for decorative purposes.

It should look like this!


Littlle info on the provolone cheese

Provolone is semihard cheese with a flavor that varies greatly from Provolone Piccante ,cured a minimum of 4 months (may reach one year)and characterized by having a very strong taste, to Provolone Dolce, with a very mild flavor.Provolone Piccante In the peculiar pungency is due to the rennet from goat.The Dolce using calf rennet.Some varieties tend to be smoked.

Other forms of this cheese are varied,and each has an ame that characterized, for example if you have cylindricalor sausage Pancetta is often called,Salamino Pancett one or other forms are called Gigante, Gigantino or giant,there are some that generally have a cone shape.A small part is called Topolino,which have a spherical shape are Mandarino, Meloneand Provolo,there are also shaped bottle.All these forms make the weight per unit of this cheese varies from 0.5kg to 100kg.

The Provolone Val Padana has received the seal DOP (Denominazionedi Origine Protta protected designation of origin‘) from the April 9, 1993,and the European Community on June 12, 1996.And in 1975 founded  a consortium with the aim of protecting the appellation of origin ConsorzioTutela Provolone responsible for monitoring(state2002) an annual production of nearly 100,000 tons.of ProvoloneValPadana, its activity is reflected in a kind of put on the cover plate of cheese.

The firm texture of provolone,allowing it to be cut into slices,and taste make it widely used in the kitchen as an ingredient in some dishes, from salads to the development of various accompaniments.The main characteristic of this cheese from the culinary point of view is the ability to merge, a feature which makes it ideal accompaniment to hot meals.When cured for sometime is cut into thin flakes and is usually the ingredient of Carpaccio, the preparation is very simple: We scale the cheese, sprinkle with some olive oil,some saltand pepper ground black pepper and some finely chopped herbs.

As an accompaniment to drinks when taken as an appetizer,is usually advised if a white wine variety of the dolce test ,or a red wine for those varieties piccante.


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