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Finding The Best Hair Stylist And Salon For Your Beauty Needs

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A study accredited by Matrix Essentials, a hair-products company, discovered that 68% of those who constantly patronize the same salon picked out their stylist as much for psychological grounds as they did for styling skill. As a matter of fact, 84% of those respondents likewise said that they’d trust the advice of their stylists over that of their therapists. Stylists, nonetheless, are conscious that whatever is concluded (or not) in their chairs, clients would like to look good when they leave the salon.

If you catch a glimpse of a style or cut that you like, ask the individual who did the job. Salon coordinators and desk clerks in salons are some other good source of names of excellent stylists. They spot the work of various stylists—and they learn about the compliments or complaints. Stores that sell salon products at retail likewise know stylists and salons from the inside.

Be clear regarding your needs and be sure that your expectations are realistic. Not one stylist wishes to be in the stressful position of being a mind reader. If you tell a stylist that you are happy with the same old style when you’re actually hoping the stylist will have the courage to try something new, you’ve just created a lose-lose situation.

If you’re moving, have a cut from your old stylist ahead of time before you move. Then have somebody take photos of your freshly cut hair from the front, back, and sides. Take those photographs with you to a new stylist.

Whether you have lately moved or are just searching for a new stylist, a good beginning step is to stop by the new salon for a comparatively simple service, like a shampoo and blow dry, to see if you’re comfortable in the salon.

Salon presentation is often a precise guide to the quality of service. If the salon is clean, has a pleasing atmosphere and tools are handled efficiently, you are more likely to also be contented with its services.

View and inquire about the products utilized and carried in the salon. Products that have not been tested on animals are an industry trademark of quality. If you have allergic reaction, you will want to be sure to avoid products that have the offending substances.

Specialization also contends good-quality service. Today it’s common to have various technicians work on hair styling, nails, coloring, facials, makeup. Each area of service is getting more sophisticated, with more than ever to know, not to mention that technicians are perhaps best at doing the work they prefer.


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