Pro Ana Fasting

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Fasting can cause your metabolism to slow if done for too long. But if done in cycles you will reap the benefits.

While fasting, you can allow yourself to have water, tea, or juice.

If you choose the juice route please make your own using a juicer or blender. This will be far less calories and sugars.

  1. The first and second days are always the hardest!

  2. Hunger pains usually set in on the second day. They hurt! and it sucks! you will want to give up but please dont! Just grab a heating pad and curl up with it. Heating pads work wonders! If you dont have one invest. If no money get a water bottle and fill it up with warm water. This works to. Just doesnt stay warm as long.

  3. Hot showers are amazing to keep your attention off of eating and to ease pain.

  4. Just keep thinking to yourself that hunger pains really are your stomach digesting itself. If this happens your stomach gets smaller right? Then you will not have to eat as much when you get done fasting. Which means you lose more weight. Right? Right.

  5. After day two… hunger pains go away. And they stay gone. It is smooth sialing from then until you are done with your fast.

  6. Drink warm water when you feel hungry. this will make your stomach expand and give you the feeling of full.

  7. Drink cold water when you are not feeling hungry and your body will burn more calories trying to warm it up to your temperature.

  8. Negative calories foods are #1 priority when coming off a fast. Only stick to these foods. They do have calories but it takes more energy for your body to digest them so in the end you will have less calories to burn off once everything is done moving through your body.

  9. When coming off a fast… make sure to take things slow. Eat slowly and lightly. Build exercise gradually. And make sure to pay attention to how your body feels. 

These songs express emotions in different ways that a true ana chick would understand. These are used for inspiration and motivation to stay thin. Listen to the words of the songs and think about all the good you are doing.

  1. 4st 7lb – Manic Street Preachers

  2. Ana’s Song – Silverchair

  3. Anorexic Beauty – Pulp

  4. Away From Me – Evanescence

  5. Bandages – Hot Hot Heat

  6. Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

  7. Beautiful – Joydrop

  8. Big Isn’t Beautiful – King Andora

  9. Binge and Purge – Lunachicks

  10. Bionic Eye – Liz Phair

  11. Bulimic Beats – Catatonia

  12. Bulima ******** – Cradle Of Thorns

  13. Christine – Siouxsie & The Banshees

  14. Distant Voices – Bush

  15. Feed Me – Juliana Hatfield

  16. From 100,000 Fireflies – Magnetic Fields

  17. Hide U – Kosheen

  18. Hunger Strike – Temple Of The Dog

  19. If You Could Only See – Tonic

  20. Jenny, Your Barley Alive – Rilo Kiley

  21. Judy’s Staring At The Sun – Catherine Wheel

  22. Little Miss S. – Edie Brickell & New Bohemians

  23. Lucy At The Gym – Jill Sobule

  24. Mama Mia – Abba

  25. Miss Otis Regrets – Bette Midler

  26. My Beloved Monster – Eels

  27. Obsession – Animotion

  28. Paperbag – Fiona Apple

  29. Perfect – Alanis Morissette

  30. Rainy Days and Mondays – The Carpenters

  31. She’s Falling Apart – Lisa Loeb

  32. Skinny – Filter

  33. Skinny White Thing – Shampoo

  34. Sweetest Perfection – Depeche Mode

  35. The First Taste – Fiona Apple

  36. Things I’ll Never Say – Avril Lavigne

  37. Tiny Dancer – Elton John

  38. Tunic – Sonic Youth

  39. Turn The Page – Metallica

  40. Ugly – Smashing Pumpkins

  41. Whats Good For Me – Lucy Woodward

  42. Women Loose Weight – Morcheeba

  43. Yellow – Coldpaly


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