Common Methods of Fertilizer Application

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In some cases, some of the plants show a slow in growth and development. They tend to be weak, different in normal color and small in nature. When these things are evident, the plants may be are lacking in certain amount of nutrients.

This is the time that there is a need to apply a fertilizer to the plants. Fertilizers are nutrient additives that could enhance the plants growth and development. Fertilizers can provide ready and available nutrients that are lacking in plants.

The plants usually get the nutrients that they are needed for growth. When the nutrients in the soil cannot sufficiently provide these nutrients; that is the time when the plants become under nourish.

The soils cannot provide enough nutrients to the plants may be because the soil it self where that plants are planted does not contain these nutrients, may be because the nutrients in the soil runs out, or maybe because of the overcrowding of the plants in the particular area resulting to the scarcity of nutrients.

Fertilizers come in varieties, and come from different forms, and this is one of the reasons why they have different methods of preparation or application.

There are many techniques that are used in applying fertilizer to the plants; among of these techniques are by the method of broadcasting, side dressing, band method or localized method and foliar application.

Broadcasting is a simple technique of fertilizer application. It involves the scattering of the fertilizer on the soil. It should be ensured that the fertilizer are scattered uniformly. It could also be incorporated with the soil for the best result. Broadcasting technique can be done either by hand or with the use of mechanical spreaders.

Side dressing is a technique of applying fertilizer just beside or around the growing plant. This is done mostly before cultivating the plants so that the fertilizers could be covered with the soil.

Band or localized is a technique in fertilizer application in which the fertilizer is incorporated or place in the soil where the seed or the new plant is to be planted.

Foliar application is another fertilizer application technique in which the fertilizer is dissolve in the water and applied to the plants in the method of spraying. In this method, it should be ensured that the fertilizer are spread in the right amount evenly and throughout in the leaves and in the foliage of the plant.

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