Elements Necessary For Plants Growth And Development

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Plants provide with some benefits to humans. There are different kinds of plants and they are very much useful in different ways. Many needs of men are produced from the plants. Among of these needs are foods in the form of vegetables and fruits, shelter in the form of lumber and several others such as papers and other useful materials.

The plants also provides us with the fresh air or the oxygen that we breath and taken inside the body in order for us to live. We can say that plants are one of the blessings of nature. Plants have their own nature, they have their own way of growing and they have their own way of physical development.

There are certain factors that affect how the plants grow. These factors are the water supply, the soil’s fertility, the open sun, the air circulation, the drainage and the size of the garden (if the plants are domesticated).

One of the most important is the supply of water. The plants need water in order to live; water sustains plant growth and development. Without water plant cannot be brought into life; this is one of the reasons why the place or the location of the plant should be in those places that have available water supply.

The fertility of the soil is also an important factor. This is necessary to be able for the plants to grow well. A soil is fertile when there are certain plant materials that are present in the soil such as humus.

Another thing is the open sun. The heat of the sun is also needed by the plants in order to manufacture their own food and is necessary for their growth and development.

The air circulation is also considered. This refers to the strength of the air that passes by. Strong winds will eventually causes damage especially to the young plants; the reason why gardens sites should be in the places that have natural windbreaks such as those near in the houses, trees or near the hills. With windbreaks, the young plants can be protected from the possible damaging force of the wind.

The drainage system if there should also be properly cleaned especially before the rainy season come in order to prevent any flooding in the area.

If the plant is planted in the garden, the size of the garden is first to be considered. Planning the area of the garden will prevent the plants from crowding.

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