The Common Types of Discussion

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There are common types of discussions that are usually used; these discussions are the committee or conference meeting, the panel discussion, the symposium and the lecture forum.

Discussion can be defined as a kind of a systematic objective deliberation that is held for the purpose of investigation or solving a problem or issue.

There are certain things that should be considered in the preparation for a group discussion namely; the selection of the subject or the problem to be discussed, the phrasing of the subject or the problem, material finding, and organizing the discussion.

The Committee or Conference meeting is usually done in relax and informal atmosphere. There are only limited persons in the discussion (maybe about ten to fifteen persons) and done without any audience. In the field of business and industry, the Committee or Conference meeting is usually done by different establishments as a way of issuing information, exchanging ideas, employee training as well as in formulating policies. 

The Panel discussion is usually done with three to six persons sat around a table or a semi-circle form. There is usual presence of audience in this type of discussion. There is a leader that conducts the discussion usually located in the middle of the group. The leader may encourage the leader to participate.

In the Symposium type of discussion, each of the participants is assigned to deliver a speech that deals with an aspect of the problem. The symposium starts with the moderator giving an opening remark about the problem that is going to be discussed. He or she may then introduce the speaker to talk with their points pertaining to the problem. The audience can ask question to the speaker after the speech delivery but it is recommended that the question to be asked is for inquiry rather than to serve as a type of opposition.

The Lecture-Forum discussion allows an experts lecturer to deliver a talk or a speech to the audience. After the speech is delivered, the audience can participate through an open forum. Because of its formality, the time limits should be observed by the moderator.

Discussions are essential ways to be able to share knowledge in order to solve an issue. In here, participants may be able to express their own ideas and concepts about the particular subject matter. These ideas and concepts might be essential in the possible formulation of solution to a particular issue.

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