An Introduction to The Speech Delivery

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There are certain types of people that possess ability in delivering a speech in front of large audience. They acquire it naturally; they use to have a pleasant voice, a good diction and a presence of mind in speaking. There are also individuals who don’t have this ability; some of them may have a defective voice, a poor articulation, as well as fumbling personalities.

These are evident especially to those who do not have the experience in public speaking. The ability to speak could be developed through experience in public speaking.

There are certain basics in which the ability to speak could be developed. One of these is by developing a background of knowledge. When an individual has a wide knowledge background, he or she has the potential to become an effective speaker since he or she can easily grasp ideas in connection to the speech. He or she could easily expand the subject matter and eventually could bring the speech in a more complicated theme.

Another is by developing self-confidence. Confidence in speaking is important because it shows to the audience that the speaker is authoritative and knows the subject matter well.

Another consideration is to develop the speaking skill. This is necessary in order to acquire fluency, poise, voice control, and coordinated body movements which could be beneficial in public speaking.It is important for an aspiring speaker to exercise on gestures, intonation, distinctiveness as well as stage movements.

It is also essential to determine some principal methods in speaking. These methods are used by most of the speakers upon delivering a speech. The mentioned methods are the memory method, the impromptu method,the reading method and the extemporaneous method.

The memory method is the method in which the speaker tends to memorize the speech and deliver the speech throughout. The impromptu method is the method in which the speaker tends to deliver a speech without having any preparation. The reading method is the method in which the speaker tends to write the speech and read it, as he or she delivers the speech to the audience. The extemporaneous method is the method in which the speaker may write the speech or an outline of the speech and uses it only as a guide in presenting the speech.

To be able to develop a good speech presentation; the most important thing to do is to have a constant speech practice. With the basic knowledge in speech delivery, constant practice will develop the skills in presenting speech.

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