Debt Payment

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 I read a post today that talked about the indecipherable phenomena of the SEO, and feel that I now have a debt to the writer, because my eyes were opened to the fact that they may actually not be the be all and end all solutions to the question of increasing views that they get continually touted as.  It seems that one needs to seek out, and then include as many times as possible within your post, words that the search engines are more likely to trawl for.

With this in mind, I thought that might try to repay me debt to the author by experimenting with one particular word that always features high in search engine priority lists, but is most often used in the context of those people who are experiencing financial difficulties in repaying sums they have borrowed from others, at times when they needed monetary assistance.  These problems are naturally prevalent through most western societies, and dealing with such debt is a major issue for many.

It is true to say, however, that it is indeed possible to be indebted to others for reasons far removed from financial considerations, and it was in this spirit that I decided to write my experimental post, though sincetriond is not one of the sites that google searches visit regularly, being banned for some reason, it may prove to be a fruitless attempt, though I shall post it on Bukisa and shetoldme, as well as digg and facebook, just to see what the response turns out to be, naturally owing a debt to these sites for allowing me the opportunity to post me work there.

Question is, how much of a benefit to the writer is the SEO?  Like the author of the post I read, I wrote an article about green tea simply because it was supposed to be among the most sought after topics by surfers, but, like that writer, I got less than fifty views in two weeks, so it either means that the barring of triond fromgoogle searches is making life for contributors far more difficult than it need be, or SEOs just do not work as they are widely reputed to do. I find it hard to imagine that those of us who, in reality, owe a huge debt to fellow triond members for reading our posts, would not like to get the sort of views the writing truly deserves.

I cannot speak for the rest of you, but I do feel that the admin team at triond, which I genuinely think is a great site, by the way, should be ding what they can to repay the enormous debt they owe to us contributors, by trying to ACTUALLY do something about the google situation, and get us all the page views that our hard work undoubtedly deserves. Debt has many faces in this world, and many ways exist for the indebted to make reparation. Let us all pray that those in charge of this site get bust addressing our concerns, so that we end up being in debt to them, for putting us all where we belong in the rankings 


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