Seminyak Accommodation – Great Location, Great Food, Great Nightlife!

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Seminyak, a resort village on the island of Bali, has practically sprung up overnight when compared to the growth of many western towns. In just ten short years, the place has become one of the most popular destinations in Bali, and has transformed from a tiny backwater into a bustling town filled with many activities for both locals and tourists. Bars, restaurants, and shopping boutiques line every street here, and visitors will find no shortage of things to do. Once youve located excellent Seminyak accommodation, youll have little left to do but enjoy the pleasures of the island. And those pleasures are, in short, countless.

Selecting your Seminyak accommodation is a matter of taste, but a few things will help you gain the most satisfaction from it. Look for a location that is near the activities of Seminyak but far enough away so that you arent kept awake all night by the noise. Some Seminyak bars don’t open until two AM and remain open until dawn, so the loud music will literally go on all night long.

Seminyak has little in the way of budget accommodations, so the best options are upscale hotels or private villas. The villas are the best value, as the hotels are often noisy and crowded. A villa will give you a private retreat to escape from the hustle and bustle of Seminyak, if you desire it.

When you rent out Seminyak accommodation, you’ll likely have food available during your stay as well. Great chefs are employed at most hotels and villas, delivering excellent meals. Venturing out into Seminyak, however, you will uncover a multitude of different dining establishments. The different restaurants offer a wide range of ambiance and menu choices. Most feature traditional Indonesian cuisine, often with a modern flair. Many international dishes are also offered, and you’ll find restaurants that feature breakfasts with stunning coffee and wi-fi access as well as traditional Balinese lunches with meals served at large communal tables. Many vegetarian options are also available.

High end cuisine is also available to those willing to spend the cash, and several highly respected restaurants specializing in everything from French cuisine to Mediterranean seafood can be found. And, as mentioned earlier, professional chefs are usually supplied with your Seminyak villa accommodation and these private cooks are skilled at making a huge variety of meals. Breakfasts are frequently offered gratis, and most luxury villas offer full lunch and dinner menus, as well as fully stocked bars. At a quality villa, a great meal is only a few meters away in the event you don’t feel like searching for one.


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