Interview Mistakes to Avoid

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Finding employment is a very competitive activity. The prospective employee should learn all there is to know about the job interview process and consult with professional hiring firms in preparation for the interview.

Don’t make interview mistakes when you don’t have to.

Firstly, don’t show up unprepared. Preparing for an interview is a crucial step that just cannot be skipped. Many candidates fail an interview because they didn’t research the company, or didn’t know whom to meet. You should know as much as possible about the role on offer beforehand.

It is also important to be prepared for the interview length. Try to find out how long the interview might be, so that you can factor that into your schedule.

Preparedness should alleviate some natural nervousness as well, which is an unfortunately common interview problem. It is very important for the candidate to be confident and sell herself, and to be enthusiastic about the prospective role.

Avoid being perceived as mysterious or secretive. Share personal insights that would translate into a good learning experience you’ve had, or which can perhaps help you in some way in the new job. It is bonus if it also helps you connect to your prospective colleagues or managers.

Part of how to prepare for an interview is to rehearse stories that you can retell during the interview. A mock interview is invaluable to get into the mindset you need to be in for the interview, and it will help build up a few ready responses.

Always be aware of what’s on your resume. It’s embarrassing when the interviewer asks for a clarification or elaboration of something, but the candidate doesn’t know anything about it.

Never badmouth a past employer.  Doing so will damage your credibility in the eyes of the interviewer, and it’s very unlikely you’ll go through to the next round of the interview process.

Don’t fail at selling yourself. Remember that you’re not merely asking for the job. You have to convince them that they need you, and that you’re the best candidate they can hire! You have to convince them that they won’t be making a mistake when they hire you. 

Focus on what you can do for them, not on what they can do for you. Be able to articulate what you want, but also what you can offer them. Many candidates think that an interview is a “two-way street”, in which there is a give and take situation. The truth is that the interviewer has a stake in the outcome of the process, and cannot afford to hire the wrong person. You should therefore make sure that you come across as a safe bet.

Lastly, if you do go through to the second or even third interview, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’ve got the job. Always be vigilant, and understand that every round of interviews will mean that you’re competing with more and more capable competition.

Avoiding these common interview pitfalls can help put you ahead of the competition.


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