Extension of Feature Phones Into Windows OS Phones

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Windows OS Phonesare a part of such a series of phone which give additional facility of custom made software installation. This feature was initially supported by Nokia Smartphone and later the invention of famous Windows mobile phone took it to a new hype.

Microsoft being the best software company in the entire world is behind the creation of the operating system of these mobile. Windows is the name given to all the operating systems introduced by Microsoft. Bill Gates is the founder of this company whose motive is to provide user friendly things to people. Windows is considered to be the most user friendly system software in the entire world leading to easy installation of the application specific software. You can always feel as if you are handling a computer in hand with Windows OS Phones. The flexibility of these phones is just like original pc based windows systems.

Office software like MS words, excel and power point are installed with great quality of excellence in the system. While working with them makes you feel just like a pc or laptop. Because of the window`s extensive features the keyboards of most Windows OS Phones are made QWERTY. This helps in correspondence of your hands to screen coordination just like in original keyboard of pc for typing in the word application. You can read your files and edit them easily. This is very helpful if you have some material piled up for reading while you have to travel as well.

As we know that we can install almost 99% of software in our windows based computer systems, so is the case with Windows OS Phones where we can install anything which can be installed in PC systems. This helps to carry all of your work in simple hand held device to assist you in your meetings, travelling and anything which is done by Computers. With so many positives it is hard to point out even a single negative than the weight of the device, which is easily compromised courtesy brilliance of service and features. You can always believe in the utility of these cells as their functionality is no less than any computer.


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