Role Of Google Adsense And Google Analytics in Earning Money Online

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How to create a Google Blog, add Google AdSense ads and earn money

Targeted Google ads help you earn money online with your Blog or website .

If you have a Blog or website have you noticed the Google AdSense ads on them? How would you like those Google ads to be making you money? If you join Google Adsense then you can collect a percentage of the revenue generated from these ads.

How to create a Google Blog.

A simple and free way to earn money online by creating a Google Blog.

I will show you how to create a Google Blog in this article with step by step instructions. There are also easy to follow videos there to show you exactly how to set up a Google Blog. I will also explain the easy process of signing up for an account with Google Adsense for this Blog so that you get paid for displaying Google ads on it.

Targeted Google ads are designed by Google to appear on your Blog in a way that the ads will only be connected to the subject you write about. This way the Blog looks good and you have a better chance of readers clicking on the ads. When you add the Google Adsense Gadget to your Blog then Google does the rest. Google AdSense will automatically pick the most relevant ads for the subjects you are writing about.

With Google Adsense you get paid by Google when the reader clicks on the ad.

So why not create your own Google Blog and start writing posts, adding photographs, videos and links. Once you are happy with your creation you can then apply to join Google AdSense.

If you already have a Google AdSense account then you can use the Google AdSense Gadget on your Blog immediately. There is no need to apply again to display your adsense ads on the Blog. Google will have your adsense account on file and will allow you to add the adsense ads instantly.

With these detailed reports, Google Analytics help you identify opportunities to make money online by studying where you are getting the most clicks from. You can then decide whether you need to change your Google adwords or move them to a more appropriate place on your website or Blog. You can monitor the performance of your Google ads by using Google Analytics to your advantage. Find out what methods work best for the chosen subject of your website or Blog. This will enable you to target your efforts on SEO.

With Google Analytics there are many different reports which show you the earnings you have received by user location, browser type, and referring source. You should take advantage of this free service from Google so you can target your efforts on the search engine optimization that works for you.

Targeted Google ads help you earn money online on your blogs and websites

Create your website or Google Blog. Add relevant content with posts, articles and links. Then apply to Google to join Google AdSense. If you have created a Google Blog then Google will automatically pick the most relevant ads for the subjects you are writing about.


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