Hubpages – Rules And Regulation

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Contest Prizes

They will be giving away a total of $3,850 in this contest, including two $50 prizes each day! Every time you enter, you have a shot at winning each of these prizes – and one entry could technically win one of each type!

Staff Pick (28 winners): $50: awarded to the day’s best Hub

Daily Drawing (28 winners): $50: selected at random from the day’s entries

Best Hub (4 winners): $100: awarded to the community’s favorite Staff Pick Hub of the week

People’s Choice (4 winners): $100: awarded to the Staff Pick Hub of the week that is ranked the highest by our contest judges

Grand Prize (1 winner): $250: awarded to the highest judge-ranked of all the Best Hub and People’s Choice winners

Pretty nice prizes, no? Just remember, you can only enter five Hubs each day.


Do you know what it takes to write a successful online article? Do you know about titling your Hub well for search engines, long-tail topics, and SEO? If not, now is the perfect time to put those skills to the test – or learn something new! So You Think You Can Write Online is all about learning how to write successful online articles that are easily discovered, helpful to readers, and lucrative for you!

Here is a brief summary of the rules, but please read the full Official Rules at the bottom of this page before starting, since you are bound by their terms by participating:

   1. Join HubPages (if you have not already – it’s free and easy!)!

   2. Write an entry – keeping in mind the judging criteria! (the maximum number of entries is five per day)

   3. Make sure it has the tag: WritingContest

   4. Click the “Publish!”

Keep in mind that all entries MUST…

    * Include the tag: WritingContest

    * Be published for the first time on that given contest day

    * Be a minimum of 400 words

    * Be entirely original to HubPages

… in order to qualify.

Please read official rules (below) for complete details and eligibility information.

Judging Criteria For HUBPAGES:

    * Long-tail, niche topic that has not been extensively covered online

    * Search-friendly title (mirrors common search terms)

    * Excellent writing (proper use of grammar, capitalization)

    * Unique, useful information (not copied from elsewhere online, full of details, examples, names, and figures)

    * Attractive formatting (avoidance of excessive link, eBay, or Amazon capsule clutter, excessive bolding or italics, and all-caps)


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