Is Triond is Best Bukisa or Xomba

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Bukisa is one of the better get paid to write articles websites. In past they used to pay a fixed amount for 1000 visitors to your articles however now they have applied adsense revenue sharing as well. Bukisa allows you two type of submissions 1)Articles and 2)How to guides. So it means that you will get a better reader base at bukisa as people looking for articles are not mixed with how to readers. Bukisa shares 60% of adsense revenue with the writers.The best thing about bukisa is that you can republish your articles as well. It means if you have already published an article on hubpages you can resubmit it on bukisa as well. It will definitely increase your earnings. So it is simple copy and paste win-win situation.


Xomba is also pretty famous these days. Although from my personal experience articles written on Xomba are read more times that Bukisa but they only share 50% revenue with the readers. As far I know they don’t allow republishing articles. So form e that’s too little value for original content. However Xomba has some good features as well among those are wide reader base, Excellent support and Help section with a lots of tutorials. Like Bukisa Xomba also allows two types of submissions. 1)Articles including reviews,how to everything. 2) Book Marks : Book marks are links that you think are worth sharing with the world. BookMarks have a seperate section and it only takes 1 minute to write a book mark. So you can earn nice quick money through book marks. But I have noticed that very few readers visit book mark section.


Triond is around for long time like Bukisa they have also changed their compensation plan. In pst they used to share their own earnings with the writers but now they have switched to adsense revenue sharing system as well. But the good part is thy still pay you for visitors. For every 100 visitors or so most writers average $0.5 so it is a two way earnings from adsense and triond. However triond has also faced many problems and the feedback from many writers is not positive. There are issues with the ad displaying and site is down sometimes . But still Triond articles are ranked well in search engines as compared with Xomba and that’s why I prefer using Triond on Xomba.


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