Home Remedy For The Diabetics

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Are there any natural remedies to help those who have diabetes? Yes, there are and you can even lessen your medication intake if you do them on a daily basis and if you have type II diabetes. It will depend what types of diabetes you have and type I is harder to manage then type II. It’s harder to use natural remedies for type I than type II. If you have type II, and you just found out, you can still manage it with regular natural remedies like low sugar intake, and rigorous exercise. However, if you have been having it for many years, you have to use medication, along with natural remedies to manage your disease. What are some natural remedies for diabetic’s patients? Natural remedies for patients with diabetics include exercise, low sugar diet, and herbal remedies like green tea.

Rigorous exercise

Rigorous exercise is one of the most effective forms of treatment for people who have high blood glucose level. With just half an hour of rigorous exercise, you can reduce your blood sugar level by as much as 30 or more. You can reduce a lot of blood glucose level by just regular rigorous exercise. You should do it daily in order to reduce your diabetes problems. People just don’t trust in working out but it can even heal your disease. There was a study in the news when a man with diabetes type II decided to cure it on his own by rigorous exercise and low glucose intake and he did it. He dropped his glucose level and he healed his own disease. It’s possible if you found out at an early stage that you can heal your disease.

Low glucose intake

It’s possible to help your disease by lessen your glucose intake. People who have diabetes might be eating too much glucose or that their insulin is not working properly. If you don’t take in too much glucose then you have nothing to burn or lower so it does help a bit. Food that you should avoid include junk food, sugary food, ice cream, coffee, sugary beverages like soda or juice and just avoid sugar overall and you would be fine. You should not eat rice, noodles, or spaghetti because they contain a high carb content. Some fruits and vegetables are good for your health but keep in mind that they have high sugar content as well.

Green tea

Green tea is harmless and it won’t affect your disease but it seems to help with lowering blood glucose level. Green tea is inexpensive and it does a multiple things for your health so you should try to take it daily. It helps you lose weight and help fight cancer even. You can buy it for $3 a box at any grocery store. It’s a wonderful natural remedy at home. The best treatment is still to reduce your glucose intake, exercise and take your medication to lower your glucose level because for some, it has to do with the pancreas and poor insulin regulation and it has nothing to do with your diet before the disease.


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