Wait On The Lord

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I was reading Exodus 32:1-35 in the bible this morning, the passage about the Israelites asking Aaron to make a golden calf for them to idolize. I don’t know what possessed Aaron to actually grant their request, but he did. He had them bring all of their gold jewelry, he melted it and made a golden calf. I couldn’t help but to think of how ignorant we humans are. Moses went up on the mountain to commune with God and get direction for the Israelites. I guess he had been gone too long for them. They were too impatient and decided to take matters into their own hands. After all God had shown them and brought them through, just like that they dropped him for a golden calf.

After calling them all sorts of names in my mind, I started to think how many times I had done the very same thing in my own life? How many times was I too impatient to wait for God and tried to come up with a solution on my own, or even worse went as far as to make a decision, because I had determined that he was taking too long? As humans we are so fickle. Even though God has shown us time and time again that no problem is too big for him, that we can always count on him, and that he is always working in the background on our behalf, we still continue to get impatient and drop him for the next thing moving. How small minded are we that we don’t get the fact that God can see much further in advance than we can ever see? Do you remember when we became teenagers and had determined we knew everything and our parents having been a teenager before tried to tell us that we didn’t know everything. We were so anxious for everything and every problem or situation was the end of the world. Many years later we realized that our parents were right, what we thought was a big deal was not and we did not need to be anxious for anything.  Now years later, we are we reverting back to the teenage mindset. If this is you, SNAP OUT OF IT!

Wait I say on the Lord. It’s not in his nature to let you down. Don’t be stupid enough to THINK, that you can make a decision without him.


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