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That’s Why Cameron Diaz Swears By The ‘Grazing’ Technique To Keep Her Sexy, Hollywood Body. Now It’s Your Turn…
Simon Lovell
Tuesday, 10:37 A.M. London, UK
Dear Friend…
Would you like to lose weight permanently without calorie counting, silly meals or hunger pains?
How would you feel running your hands across your flat belly and around firm hips and thighs? Would you like to feel super-charged with energy every day and touch your flawless, beautiful smooth skin?
What if you could get all of this in the next 30 days?
If you currently have a weight and health problem and are falling into deeper depression then this is going to be one of the most important pages you ever read.
I’m writing this all the way from England where something magical has been happening to women and I just can’t bring myself to hold this information from you. In fact the weight loss, energy and health results that women have been getting over here in the UK has been so staggering that the media has gone into a bit of a frenzy about it…
So much so that your very own Woman’s World Magazine has recently put The Lunch Box Diet on their cover after readers generated ‘gold star results’ and reported that the plan was ‘the easiest diet’.
That not enough to keep your interest…?
Elle Magazine called it ‘the best diet ever’ and delivered a flawless 5 star review.
I’ll also give you proof that Hollywood celebrities like Cameron Diaz have been linked to my grazing method that makes losing weight fun, sustainable and addictive. Imagine tasting health food that makes your mouth water, but as you eat, you actually lose weight, not put it on. This is why celebrities are jumping on board this new craze in 2011.
That’s right… sit back and relax as this isn’t some internet scam, or an advert for diet pills or some new fad that promises you’ll lose half your body weight in a week.
Instead it’s a brand new super-healthy system that lets you lose weight with no hunger, stress or silly meals and women are finally sustaining their weight loss instead of getting back on the diet conveyor belt only to go around and around again.
But how can you be 100% sure I’m telling the truth…?
Quite simply, I’ll prove it to you – you’re going to watch TV coverage, read magazine quotes and see blog posts from women! This is not just some temporary fix (in fact I hate those as much as you).
Quite simply, if you’re at all serious about losing weight and want to change your lifestyle forever you’d be silly to close down this page. I’m being deadly serious here, this is going to change your life.
But before we go on to that let’s show you that great Woman’s World coverage…
2 X Woman’s World reviewers said: ‘the easiest diet’ + ‘gold star results’ + ‘this diet works fast’ + ‘I loved the variety’ + ‘I have never lost weight so fast’ – they lost a staggering 8 pounds in 1 week & 12 pounds in 1 week.
Is This Destroying Your Motivation & Willpower?
Constantly falling off the wagon despite trying so, so hard to lose weight
Never being able to sustain your weight loss efforts
Always trying to stay motivated, but you still go back to that ‘signature food’
You just can’t resist sugar or savory foods that leave you exausted
You can’t go out wearing the clothes you want because you have no confidence
All you want is to stop yo-yo dieting and feel sexy in those designer skinny jeans
You seem to be able to stick to something for a week but then lose motivation
You’re just sad, and fed up of trying yet another ‘fad diet’.
…if you answered yes to even a few of these I can feel your pain because that’s exactly how I felt a few years ago.
But, as if like magic, you’re about to learn the secret that most women simply don’t know about losing weight permanently. I’m going to put myself on the line and guarantee you’ll reclaim your true identity but only if you listen to what I have to say.
Here’s why…
Several years ago, I reached a point where I was so desperate to learn how to get the body I craved, I made a decision to figure it out for myself…
I had already been on every diet, tried countless new ‘fads’ and you know what, nothing worked. It was all hit and miss stuff.
I’d yo-yo dieted and had lost all my motivation. In fact I’d reached rock bottom. The girlfriend I loved for years ditched me and I had come to hate everything I tried…
I was a slob. I didn’t love myself, so how would anyone else love me? When would this cycle finally stop? I was so confused. I was even bullied to the point I had to take up martial arts. Crap huh?
Finally I reached the end of the line – there’s only so much humiliation I could take. I even got paranoid that my friends were talking about me! To be honest, it makes me sad just writing this. I went out and decided to change my life. I borrowed $10,000 from my parents and flew half way across the world to spend three months studying intensively to learn from world experts on how to break this depressing cycle.


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