Cancer Survival How to Live With The Diagnosis

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Anxiety and tension grips you. The treatment and the prognosis are very strenuous and can take a toll on a person s emotional and mental health.

Once you have been diagnosed, deal strength and perseverance. Below are some suggestions that would help in coping with the diagnosis

1 Try to get to know the facts regarding the diagnosis like the cancer type, whether it has spread, the treatments available, the side effects, and prevention after the treatment, treatment schedules, and the genetic viability of the cancer.

2 Do not hesitate to communicate with your doctor and your loved ones. Tell them that you are ready to face and conquer it and that they should be very frank about the progress the treatment and the cancer is making. Try to take help when you are feeling down or lonely and share your emotions honestly.

3 The treatment of cancer deals with radiation and chemotherapy which can bring about tremendous changes in physical appearance. Hair loss is very common and wigs or hairpieces can be used for managing it.

4 Maintain a lifestyle that is healthy and that fills you with energy. Follow a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants. Take rest so that your body is stress free to combat the cancer treatment. Try to lead a normal life as much as possible by taking walks, participating in fun activities etc.

5 Your family members and friends would like to help you. It could be their way of offering support during a difficult time. They can help you with chores around the house and preparing meals and you should remember that you would require the help.

6 Prioritize the activities in your life and do away with harmful ones. Try to get closer to your loved ones and enjoy.

7 Live each day as it comes and take every little thing in your stride.

8 Cancer is not contagious and no one near you has any danger of contracting it from you. It is difficult for people to believe this fact and you would come across disturbing behavior from them. Fight the so called stigmas and don t let them dishearten you.

9 Cancer treatments have long schedules and can burn a hole in your pocket. This financial burden would add to the already existing tension about the cancer. Hence it would be wise to look into health insurance options. Sometimes the state provides insurance assistance for certain groups of people.

10 All said and done remember that you have to develop a unique strategy to cope with the cancer yourself. Even with all the help and support your mind should be strong enough to go through it. There are support groups that help people through cancer treatments and they are very beneficial.

Meditation and relaxation techniques can calm your mind and give you the strength to go on with the treatment, in spite of the discomforts involved with a positive mind.

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