How to Prevent a Break Up…!

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Are both of you stubborn and unable to give or compromise? These are some tips to save a relationship that you fear is headed for a break up.

#1 Do not indulge in assigning blame.

It s easy to blame our partner when a relationship gets into trouble. He no longer listens to what I have to say. She is an ice maiden. Why doesn t he just do something that would make me happy? If she would stop bugging me all the time, I would be more likely to do nice things for her. Blaming your partner puts them on the defense, and will not make things better for your relationship. Stop focusing on what your partner lacks, and put the focus on who they are.

#2 Avoid being needy and clingy.

If you always want your partner to do everything with you, it s not healthy. Neediness is one of the top reasons that couples break up. It is important for you to understand that it is normal for partners to spend some needed time away from each other, and they should not have to participate in trivial things with you that they do not enjoy. When you find that you are forever craving to be with your partner, it is time for you to start developing some other areas of interest, a pastime, to be able to spend time away from your partner.

#3 Are you talking and listening to each other?

A healthy relationship is one in which partners are able to communicate. You need to give your partner the same kindness and respect that you give to friends and colleagues. Why would you talk to your loved one that way if you wouldn t speak to your friends or colleagues like that?

#4 Stop indulging false beliefs.

Do you obsess about where your partner is, what he is thinking about, and what company he is with? If your partner isn t attending to your every desire, do you suspect that they no longer care about you? If you stop believing those false thoughts, you ll stop having a negative view of reality.

#5 Do you hear, really hear what they are saying?

Do you heed your partner s preferences? Do you give as much importance to their part of the story, for fairness? There are occasions when we turn a blind eye to reason in our determination to be the one who is right. If you happen to get involved in another conflict, try to listen genuinely to what the other person has to say, and talk at a normal volume. It is possible that you may have overlooked some vital point and, of course, you could be wrong too.

It may be that some relationships require a lot more than the above tips in order to experience any notable difference. If this sounds like your relationship, it is apparent that your relationship has weathered a long spell of suffering and both partners need to spend time away from each other. Take this time to get a better picture and think about what you really want.


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