Black Water

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Black-water is in simple terms is fecal and urine waste.

Many Americans have gotten on board with helping to save the environment. One way to conserve water is to separate the black-water from the grey water by a simple technique called “Grey-Water recycling”. Not all states and cities allow for recycling of grey-water. Check with your local building and plumbing code enforcement of your city.

Grey- Water in homes and commercial buildings come from:  dishwashers, washing machines, sinks, showers, and potentially other types of fixtures in your home or commercial building.

Black-Water in homes and commercial buildings comes from urinals, water closets, bidets, and many other types of fixtures you would find in a hospital, laboratories and other commercial buildings.

The International plumbing code which is used in the state of Colorado allows the reuse of grey water once properly filtered and disinfected.  Simply put, you can take your clothes washer water, sinks and shower water clean it up and use it to flush all your toilets.  You can also convert grey- water for irrigation by properly installing your state or cities building and plumbing code approved Grey-Water recycling system.

Below are two pictures of grey water from sink waste, dishwasher waste, cloths washer waste, and shower waste water converting the water so it can be used to flush toilets and be used for irrigation.

Drawing to convert grey-water to flush toilets in your home or commercial building.

Drawing to convert grey water for home or commercial buildings irrigation.

Mobile homes, travel trailers, fifth wheels and other types of recreational vehicles already separate the grey- water from black-water. You will notice the pipe is larger for the Black-Water waste.

Grey water under a Recreational vehicle, separate from the black water or sewage water.

Black-Water tank under a recreational vehicle. Separate from the grey-water.

Black-Water has many other names depending on what part of the country you are from. Black-Water is called brown water, foul water, sewage, raw sewage, and many other names.

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