Something From Nothing

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There was a preacher who once preached on the existence of God. He told his congregation that God came from nowhere. Afterwards, a certain man came up and said, “Preacher, let’s be reasonable about this. You were up there tonight talking about a God who came from nowhere. That does not make any sense.” So the preacher replied, “Alright. If you just want to be reasonable about this, the reason that God came from nowhere is because there was not anywhere for Him to come from. He came from nowhere, and He stood on nothing. The reason that He stood on nothing was that there was nowhere for God to stand. He was standing on nothing, reaching out where there was nowhere to reach, catching something on nothing, and telling it stay there. Now you will find that in Job 26:7 that He hung this world on nothing. This same God is able to turn nothing into something. He is the same God that is able to turn a good for nothing nobody, and turn him into somebody who will tell everybody about somebody, who can save anybody. He’s the same God that can make a sick man well, an ignorant man wise, a bad man good, and a good man better. Even making a dead man alive in Jesus Christ. 

My question is tonight do you know Him? Now don’t fool me, because if you don’t know Him let me tell you about Him now. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He came down the stairway of heaven to be born in Bethlehem, and hid in Egypt. Being brought up in Nazareth, baptized in the Jordan (river), and tempted in the wilderness. He  performed miracles by the roadside. He took your sins and mine sins, and went out there on Calvary, dying there for them. While hanging on that cross, Jesus said several things. But when the thief taunted Him and said, “If you be the Christ, come down from the cross, saving yourself and us.” To that taunt, Jesus never said a word. Yet the silence seemed to say, “You just wait till Sunday morning. Because I will show you that it’s better to come up from the grave, than to come down from a cross.” There He committed Himself to the father, dropping his head upon His shoulders and there He died. I mean that He really died. Don’t believe the Swoon Theory because He died. He died until the sun refused to shine. He died until the earth quaked, the temple veil was torn and the rocks were rent. He died until the centurion said, “Truly this must of been the Son of God.”


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