The Asian Food Taste in Las Vegas

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You don’t have to go without Asian food when you’re in Vegas. You will get all the Asian taste when you’re here and even Asian women too. If you get home sick, you can still visit China town or Korea town and taste a bow of Pho and you will be brought back to Asia. It’s fun here in Vegas with all the Asian ingredients you will need. One particular place is on Spring Mountain and Decatur called Hue Thai Asian cuisine. It’s one of the best in Las Vegas. How about Mama China on Jones and Flamingo? It was voted one of the best in Vegas.

China town

China Town is wonderful and have hundreds of stores and restaurants that are authentically prepared. It’s just as high quality as any other China Town. You have to check out our China town here, just right down the street from the Wynn’s. China Town is on Spring Mountain Street and it goes from the Decatur up to Wynn’s Casino. You will not have enough time to visit everything here. They have shop. They have food and they have entertainment. You have to stop by here if you want to enjoy great authentic Asian food.

Korea town

How about Korea town? It’s located right next to China Town and it’s also on Spring mountain road. If you love Korean food then you have to stop by here. They have just about everything here in Korea town. You can just walk down the street from the Wynn’s and you will get to experience Korea Town. It’s a walk or you can take a cab there.


You can also enjoy all sort of Asian cuisines at the major buffet in the casinos. You won’t miss a thing and they’re fantastic food for an affordable price. Rio buffet or the Bellagio buffet are great for Asian food.

Chinese buffet

There are plenty of Chinese Buffet inside the casino and also in China town or around Las Vegas and they’re fantastic for a low price. You will love it. The prices are affordable and the taste is real Asian. You won’t be able to tell the difference.


The nightclubs here are mix with all sort of people from all culture so it’s pretty fun. You will most likely meet a lot of people here. It’s fun and it’s one of the best experiences for travelers. You get the bang of Las Vegas. It spells Las Vegas more than anything else. The nightclubs are always pact on each night. It’s the best time if you’re going out with your date or friends. If you love to drink, dance then this is the place for you.


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