Find Out About Dog Skin Allergies

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Dog skin allergies occur when substances known as allergens manage to infiltrate the body of your pet. What follows after is an allergic reaction. These dogs can be born with the allergies and for some they just develop them at any stage just like people.

As humans we usually react to these substances by experiencing nasal discomfort. Dogs on the other hand react to the allergens by having skin problems. The most common indication of an allergic reaction in dogs is itchy skin. That is why you need to make sure that you know the difference between the normal and unusual scratching of your pet.

Besides openly illustrating to you the owner that the pet has itchy skin by scratching and licking endlessly, the dog can also bite on its tail and paws. There are different kinds of allergies that your pets might have. There are parasitic allergies. Basically the dog reacts to parasites like chiggers and fleas. They start chewing on themselves as well as scratching because of a reaction to flea saliva.

Other symptoms associated with this type of allergy are biting of the tail or inner legs. Your pet might even experience inflammation or hair loss. The other common type would be having an allergic reaction to food. The dog will have symptoms such as scratching, hair loss and hot spots to mention a few. Just as people react to food items, dogs do the same except the effect is visible on the skin.

An atopic allergy is also common among dogs. Your pet will get an allergic reaction due to allergy causing matter such as dust and pollen. Warning signs include the continuous licking of its paws and scratching parts like the eyelids and ears. That is why it is always important to be aware of the actions of your pets.

An inhalant allergy is caused by things such as pollen and dust mites. Indications of this allergy are mainly scratching and biting of the paws. If your dog has a neurogenic allergy it means that the animal doctor has found it difficult to determine the exact cause of the ailment.

Because it is difficult to say what the allergens are it is just concluded that your pet is reacting the way it is for the simple reason that it wants to. The main indicator of this allergy is the continual licking or chewing of a particular part on its body. The general targets being the ankles and the forelegs

The animal might even have a contact allergy. Your dog will have an allergic reaction the moment it makes contact with things like chemicals or plants. The symptoms include blisters, rashes and hives. The best thing that you can do is try to make sure that your pets avoid such contact.

These conditions are treatable if you make use of allergy medication prescribed by an animal doctor. Others prefer home remedies which include olive oil and apple cider vinegar. These are trusted home remedies. It can therefore be seen that there is a range of dog skin allergies as well as symptoms and these are treatable.


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