Those Kind of Man Who Cannot Get a Date

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If You are Those Kind of Man You Need to Change Now!

A Nice Guy will Never Get a Date

Have you ever thought about why pretty girls always hang out with a bad guy or a punk guy? and also you may wonder why you never be able to ask for a date by being nice or gentle?  Man, because you were screwed up by the social media, mother, sister and some other girl you have met in life.  Nice guy seldom be able to get a date because female usually feel more secure with a alpha male, and most nice guy does not look like a male at all, they looks more like a feminized male and treat the girl like a godness, and this is the reason they are not attractive to woman.

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You Do Not Make Her Fall in Love with You No Date for You

Some guy always complain about girls are greedy, they have been treat them so good by taking her to a expensive dinner/lunch, give her tones of gifts and finally she seems like losing all the desire to talk to him anymore.  In my opinion, those guy does not know how to make a girl fall in love.  However, it is very fortunate for you now because you could study how to make her fall in love with you by reading or taking a woman seduction courses.

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Lack of Resources Prevents You to Get a High Quality Woman

Do you think you are always broke or lack of friends?  You will need to change those situation first before you are trying to get a date.  It is a common sense that if you cannot even feed yourself or has a life, how can you be attractive somehow?  Therefore, you should now focus on making more money and friends, so you have more value to the best quality woman.

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