Clay Animation Tutorial

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Clay animation is done by Taking pictures form camera  . For  24 frames per sec,vedio we take 24 pics .after that import all of this images and edit using any editing software which convert images to video files .Clay Animation is one of the most popular stop motion Animation . Clay animation  is not difficult to do Anybody who is interested can make clay animation .

Important things we will need befor animating clay : Clay , wire , wood and papers camera [ any camera or webcam we can use , but for professional we need high quality digital  camera’s ].Story and story borad .Story borad is camera angles we have to decise before any shots , and also dialogs .

 First we have too  creat model of clay , clay has ability to transformed any shapes and it can be stretch and change form, it is very flexible  as we need , we can use plasticine or polymer clay.We have to use wire as skeleton it is very flexible to move and clay will be easily can be fixed to it.

second we know ready to fix our camera be careful when setting up camera’s as it should not vibrate or move it must have stand which fixed it properly .[ Be creative you can make any hand made stands if you have money you can buy camera kits for stop motion animation ] 

Third rememeber principles of animation anticipation , squash and stretch , staging etc , its self explanatory.Take camera shots according to your story boards so for 1 sec equals to 24 frames it means youwe have to take 24 pics to make i sec animation .For 60 sec 60*24=1440 camera shots.yes

Forth after taking all camera shots it is time to import our images into 2d editing softwares , if we want to remove back ground first we can remove it by adobe photoshop or any other editing tools available and themn convert the file into video files like avi files etc

It is amazing to know every one can do clay animation .there are lots of animated clay animation cartoons are published like Shaun the Sheep is a British stop motion comedy  animated series by ardman animations.


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