Securing your Wireless Network

If you have a wireless network it is important that you secure it. This protects your data from prying eyes and also means other people cannot piggy back on your network. The best kind of security is WPA. This has proved unhackable so is the ultimate in keeping your wireless traffic nice and secure and prevents others from using your wireless network.

What WPA is.

WPA is the first line of defence in your network. It protects your data by encoding it has it is transmitted between your computer and your wireless router. Now most wireless routers for some reason ship with this function turned off. So you do need to go into your router and set it up but it is not that difficult to do.

There are a number of options to choose from but always pick either WPA or WPA2. You will need to set a password so make sure you choose a strong one. A strong one typically has alpha and numeric and will be more than say 10 characters long.

Another good thing to do is to change the network name. This is trypically set as ‘default’ but change it to something else. Anything will do. It just adds to the difficulty for hackers to break into your network.

Now if you do all of the above you should be pretty secure and only someone who is really after you and spends the time “may” be able to crack your security. make sure you keep up with security trends and happenings so you can always be sure you are using the best security you can.

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