The Fiascos of my Past

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When I look back at the life I’ve lived so far and when I circle those fiascos that I have come across so far, I am forced to think – what if I had an opportunity to rectify all those mistakes I made in the past? What if I could go back in time and metamorphose all those moments of pain and suffering into ecstasy? What if every debacle could be refurbished to shine like success? What if I could take all the excruciating moments, I encountered, away and turn them into a sweet and lovely symphony of life. What if I could eschew every such moment from happening in the first place itself?

Huh……how chimerical!

If I could do all that then how bogus my life might appear?

 Adventure comes from the feeling of fear, the fear of failure, the feeling that entails risk in it and the feeling that depicts that you would still opt for that life knowing how bad and ugly things could possibly go and yet you go along with the flow trusting your leap of faith.

I believe if you eliminated every failure that you came across in your life then there would be no point in succeeding. You wouldn’t know how ugly things are and how bad your life might end up. You would take life threatening risks every now and then but there would be no thrill and excitement in that as you’d have the surety of success eventually. Fear is a great notion that has been put inside every living being, the absence of which might cause them, without caring for their lives, to devour each other’s soul apart. Fear is one of life’s ultimate truths which share its place with death. It is good to be afraid otherwise everyone would end up dead.

If you haven’t tasted failure in your life then you wouldn’t know the sweet taste of success.

However lies there still the feeling, that tells me maybe I could make my life far better if only I had a chance to go back and improve certain things, the things for which I’d never have to feel regretful again for the rest of my life, the things that might solve great matters of concern in the present, the things that could straighten up the intricate situations in the long run and might make the outset of the happy days to stay successful forever.

I can’t change the past, now can I?


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