Are There Any Foods in Cynergy Tk?

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If you take good care of your skin, you most likely have heard of keratin.  It is a natural protein substance that occurs in the skin, hair and nails of humans and in the wool and the hooves of animals. The lack of keratin in our skin is why we wrinkle and sag, as we get older.  It is also the reason why we buy products with keratin in them, we want to re-grow those younger skin cells that keep us looking youthful, and keratin is what we need.  Cynergy TK is made from the wool of New Zealand sheep, and is a form of keratin that is a main ingredient in a few very expensive skin products.

If we “are what we eat”, can we eat certain foods that contain Cynergy TK?   Since the patent holders of Cynergy TK say that it is made from sheep’s wool, it is not likely that we can. That is, unless you enjoy sitting down to a big bowl of dry sheep’s wool.

But there are other foods, which do retain moisture in our skin, and help to replenish keratin.

The Japanese have been eating exotic kelp called, Phytessence Wakame, for hundreds of years.  They claim that it works like Cynergy TK, but does not say that it contains Cynergy TK.  Researchers have learned that this specific type of sea kelp blocks an enzymatic reaction that breaks down another of your skin’s natural proteins called hyaluronic acid.

Cynergy TK products also claim to that it has antioxidants that repair damaged skin from the sun or from smoking, and thus reducing wrinkles.  There are plenty of foods that have antioxidants, and most of them are in the fruits and vegetables categories.

For vegetables, choose green ones like kale, spinach and broccoli.

For fruits that have antioxidant properties, go for anything in the “berry’ family first, and then oranges.

Foods that contain Omega 3 fatty acids, like tuna or salmon, will also help reduce wrinkles

Here is a nice little surprise for those of you who have been snarling at the thought of eating green vegetables to help keep your skin looking young.  One of the best sources for antioxidants is chocolate!  However, only dark chocolate has enough antioxidants in it to do any good for your skin.  It works because it helps to reduce and to prevent wrinkles due to cocoa containing polyphenol.  This is a substance that rids the body of the active oxygen that causes aging.

Cocoa also increases blood flow to the skin, which helps it to better receive nutrients and moisture. Eating chocolate can help you look younger, but of course it does nothing for your waist line.


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