All About Birth Marks

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The other day, I asked one of my lovely step-daughters if there was anything in life that made her feel uneasy without any obvious reason.

She said “No” and then added that “I don’t like to see people getting ‘shot’ on TV. It makes me feel really upset.”

There was a curious expression in her eyes and she politely (Filipina girls are like that) asked me why I had asked the question.

“It’s because I can see some birth marks on your shoulder and arms.”

Looking puzzled, she asked me to explain. She then made herself comfortable as she anticipated something interesting having read every one of my Newsletters.

“Before I do, have you got any birth marks like those on your arms and shoulder, anywhere else on your body?”

“I don’t think so,” she replied, “unless there are more on my back.”

I then examined her back and I saw immediately what I expected to see. Another birth mark in the exact position that was in line with her heart.

I pointed that out to her and began to explain why I had asked.

“You see Emily, I have always held the theory that birth marks are the result of the trauma we feel when killed violently in a previous life.”

Her face lit up knowing that she was about to hear one of my ‘crazy theories’ and she begged me to go on.

“It has been my observation that birth marks are often in the shape of the entry into the body of a killing weapon, such as a sword or lance. Also, they are often found to be in places that would normally kill a human being, such as over the heart or head.

As we often died violent deaths many years ago as a result of hand to hand battles, I believe that the trauma of being killed, leaving its impression on the spiritual body, manifests itself when we are born by imprinting itself on the skin.”

Emily looked fascinated and asked me to continue.

“Those of us who died normal deaths have no ‘spiritual death trauma’ and therefore no birth marks. But those who died violently carry that trauma into this life. Of course, the strength of the trauma is the deciding factor as to whether we are born with birth marks or have recurring dreams or phobias, such as a fear of knives.”

Emily, using a mirror, looked closely at her birth marks which were about the size of small coins (dimes, five pence pieces) and realization dawned on her as she saw two marks on the back of her arms and three on her back with one on her left shoulder blade.

“So what do you think happened to me?”

“My opinion is that you were shot in the back a number of times and one of the bullets penetrated your heart.”

“Would that be why I find it hard to believe what people tell me at times?”

“Yes,” I replied, “because it is possible you were betrayed.”

“Thank you Tito (my family all call me that)Robert for the enlightenment.”, and at that she left me to carry on with my work.

So what is the point in this story and what has it to do with Alternative Medicine?

Simply this.

It is of no importance whether you believe what I say or not and it is equally of no importance what your views are on reincarnation.

If you are a therapist, it is always worth investigating the possibility that a phobia or some form of irrational behaviour is the result of a past-life trauma.

Remember, On my courses I teach that the client is the most important person in a therapist’s consultation room and it is the therapist’s duty to investigate every avenue to help a client.

So, in conclusion, asking a client just a simple question – “Do you have any birth marks?” can lead to a successful therapy.

Food for thought?


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