The Beginning , The Body And The End of a Composition

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In writing, it is nice to consider that the beginning of the composition should indicate efficient and graceful subject matter to the paper. It should reveal the implicit of explicit of the author’s attitude towards its readers as well as it should be able to hold or seize the reader’s attention.

In beginning to write the composition, it is important not to be timed in taking the first plunge of the writing. The writer should consider that any written beginning can possibly be change or can be discarded in the process. The beginning or introduction of the composition could either be an open thesis or a sharp contrast. It could also be start with a key quotation or with a short and clear summary or characterization.

The body of the composition is located after the introduction and before the conclusion. In writing the body of the composition it should be remembered that the more space given to an idea, the more important the idea appears or presented to the reader. Even though the body accounts for all the points that are listed in the outline, it should be remembered that it does not require a full paragraph development.

It is also important to fasten paragraphs together with strong transitional sentences to be able to established coherence in the entire composition. In doing this, we should take a closer look unto the last sentence of the opening paragraph and to the first sentence of the last paragraph.(dream template review)

It should also be observed that the first as well as the last paragraphs should be joined together to the rest of the essay. This thing is important to be able to support or unite all the ideas or points inside the composition’s body.

The conclusion should be written in the way that it ties the different paper parts and reinforces the central message of the composition. The conclusion may be written as an emphatic restatement of ideas or it could be written as an explicit assertion which the writer or the author wanted to say about.

A conclusion will serve as a finale. It should not be a one-sentence tag only. Other things to remember are that the conclusion should never introduce any new idea and it should not say sorry for itself. A conclusion is written as a summary of the whole composition and it may state what had gone before the final conclusion arrives.


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