Principal Methods Use in Delivering a Speech

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There are different methods on how the speech is delivered. These methods differ from the preparation that they entail. The methods are; the Memory method, the Impromptu method, the Reading method and the Extemporaneous method.

With the memory method, the speaker tends to memorize his or her speech. He or she delivers the speech from the memory. There are some speakers who use this method effectively. However, there are speakers who found it not an effective way in delivering a speech. Accordingly, memorized speech could result into a stilted and inflexible presentation.

When using this method, speakers have a tendency to hurry in saying the words without really thinking for their meanings. It could also result in a situation wherein speakers may find it hard to make any changes that are needed in order to adopt any reaction from the audience. Furthermore, using the memory method in delivering a speech provides risk for the speakers to forget what he or she uses to say.(bodymedia fit)

The impromptu method is used when somebody ask you to say a speech without preparation. This method is useful for emergencies wherein you need to speak in public without preparing for your speech. Here you can use your past knowledge, experiences and skill in speaking. Impromptu methods should be only confined with emergencies because of some risk factors that may lead to some mistakes. Since impromptu methods provide only a limited preparation, it might cause a rambling and incoherence speech.

In performing an impromptu speech, it is advice to look for the audience first, address the chairman, take a deep breath and begin to speak. The speaker should provide a reason or reasons why the points he or she discussed is valid and support this with at least single evidence. Lastly, the speaker must summarize the substance of his or her speech. This could be done by restating the points he or she mentioned.

The reading method is usually used in certain occasions. This method allows the speaker to consume the time that is allocated for the speech effectively, yet delivering all the points to the audience. In performing reading method, the speaker should achieve the spontaneous delivery, eye contact as well as liveliness and enthusiasm.

The reading method might not be done properly if the speaker is lacking in flexibility as well as adjustments to his or her audience or upon the delivery of the speech. It might also not work properly if the speaker is lacking in the effectiveness in oral and physical delivery.

In the extemporaneous method, the speaker may use a written speech but he or she will not going to read or memorize it throughout. The speech in extemporaneous method is carefully planned and outlined in detail. The speaker usually practices the delivery of his or her speech and uses the written speech or outline just to guide her or him in pursuing a definite sequence of ideas that he or she wants to talk about.

In the actual delivery, the speaker speaks to the audience and may seldom look to his or her outlined note just to be reminded with the sequence of his or her thought.


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