Selecting The Speech Subject in Public Speaking

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Speaking towards a crowd is not an easy thing to do, especially if you don’t have the experience in public speaking. Some people have the natural ability to speak in front of audiences. Some people find it difficult to do since some of them experience a nervous tension when they come in front of many people.

Public speaking may be a natural ability but there are certain basics in which you can be able to learn how to speak in front of the public. One of the important things to consider is what to speak.

The first thing to do is to select the subject of the speech to be made. Here it should be remembered that the subject is the thing or things that a speaker supposed to talked about; its purpose is what the speaker propose to the audience; and its motive is the speaker’s intention in telling the subject.(top 10 dating)

Some subjects are not interested for the audience to hear while some are interesting. A subject becomes interesting if it concerns the audience affairs, if the subject that is being discussed by the speaker is a suitable solution for a definite problem, if the subject is new and timely or if the subject has a conflict or opinion.

In selecting a speech subject, it is important to analyze the audience. Analyzing the audience involves some physical factors that might influence the audience’s mentality. Some of these things are the place or the ambience where the speech is going to takes place, the temperature of the vicinity, the situation of the audience’s weather they are seated or in their feet, crowded, scattered or comfortable, and if the speaker is being seen or easily heard.

All of the mentioned consideration among others might affect the audience mentality, reaction or attention. These should be considered by the speaker in determining the subject in public speaking.

Another consideration is to determine the type of occasion where the speech intends to be presented. Here the speaker should consider that the audience might be in the physical relaxation, mental inertia and emotional equilibrium.

In considering the audience in public speaking, the speaker should remember some of the primary motives in which human beings are said to be influenced with. These motives are the self-preservation and the desire for physical well being, the freedom from external restraint, the preservation and increase of self-esteem and the preservation of human race.


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