Basic Wiccan Concepts

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As an Earth religion, Wicca is an open-minded faith that embraces the diversity of the world. No matter what, we are all the children of the same Mother. Nothing about any one person can make them less in the eyes of a Wicca.

Our ancestors from the ancient Egyptians to the Celts all had many practices and traditions. Wicca is no exception. There can be as many different practices as there are Wiccans, but one thing always holds true. We all have a standard belief system. This concept is based on three things: deity is plural, power is drawn from the Moon, Sun, & Earth, and the seasons play an integral part in our lives.

Let’s explore these three as you continue your journey of learning the basics of Wicca.
Deity is Plural

Wicca believes that deity is duel, as do many other religions. But, what exactly does that mean?

Just as in all other religions, Wicca is structurally built to revere the deity. We accept the knowledge of a supreme power that is ultimate and who created the entire universe. This concept is beyond our reach, but we link to it through our deities.

Our deities are equal. When you come to understand the Goddess and God, you will see that you really cannot have one without the other. They are irrevocably entwined with each other. You will also come to realize that it is not a bow down to them sort of worship, but rather a working with them to create a better place.
Moon, Sun, & Earth Power

Our energy as Wiccans comes from these sources of power. How does that work?

First you have your Personal Power. It is the life force which keeps us grounded in our earthly presence. We take energy from the moon and sun, from water and food, and we release that energy back to the earth throughout our day to day existence.

We, then, have our Earth Power. This is brought to us from what comes from nature. All the natural byproducts of the earth from trees to the scent of flowers flow with the possession of power. As such, we use this power to aid in many of our rituals.

Thirdly, we have our Divine Power. The energy here is derived from the combination of our personal power and earth power. It is the life giver from the Goddess and God that flows through us which we tap into to work our magick.

It is this…joyous union with nature that is the core of Wicca. Much like other religions, we have our own temples, they are just a bit less restrictive. Surrounded by nature, we are surrounded by our sanctuary.

Think upon these concepts and then take out your notebook. Write out a header for each of the seasons on separate sheets of paper. Under each, write out what that season means to you, what you see and feel, and what animals and what is happening to your surroundings at this time of year you experience.

Also, create a page entitled Goddess and God. Take some tome to reflect on your vision or understanding of deity. Can you see how the twin aspect of the two is part of the whole? Do you believe in only one? Is it understandable that the deity exists in all life?

I’ll leave it there…

for now. Until the next installment, use your time to review and become comfortable with these new concepts.

Blessed be!


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