How To Get More Than 100 Followers On Twitter Everyday With Twitter Apps

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Have you ever dream to get more than 1000 Twitter followers every month? Searching for Twitter application where you can allocate same niche followers to share your interest and maximize your audience target? Twitter newbie that find out how does Twitter work and get more followers?Then you definitely jump into right place where share with you recommended Twitter web base application – Tweetbig.

Tweetbig is a intelligent management tool that able to allow you to organize Twitter network and increase Twitter followers significantly. The best part is Tweetbig capable to operate with autopilot mode and is a huge timesaver. Along the way, you can’t realize that there is a fee of service until the end. You either can sign up for 7 days trial fee with $4.95 or subscribe for $17.95 per month.

There are definitely many features included in Tweetbig where most of the tools you can get more than one services to match their features. The signup process is pretty simple, with easy video walk setup instructions provided and useful too.

Features included in TweetBig:

  1. Tweetbig allow user to tweet more than 140 characters. In case you exceeded 140 characters, the app will automatically crop in a substantially additional readable manner displayed on the screen.

  2. Piggy Back feature. This feature allow user to get targeted and same niche audience. Once you setup the Piggy Back feature, you can add up to 15 competitors in similar niche as you. Tweetbig will analyze who the best users to follow. Tweetbig capable to check new users in term of interest and relevant niche to determine which of those users are quality enough that follow you back.
  3. Setup Keyword Gather feature. You can key in relavant keywords and pharases that you interested with. Tweetbig act as search engine to crawl those people using and tweet about same keywords and phrases.

  4. Follow Timebomb feature. It like you setup a certain timing to identify those unfollow users. You able to switch it on or off. When turned on, Tweetbig will start counting the specific days for users to follow you back, if they still don’t receive response from them then they will be unfollowed. If you don’t care whether they follow you or not, you can simply turn it off.
  5. and more..

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