Electronic Circuits; Analog, Digital And Mixed-Signal Circuit

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Since the electronic circuit was developed, there are many electronic gadgets that were introduced to the public; all of these things have their specific use and purpose. The development of electronic circuitry is an important factor in the development of modern electronic equipment.

The electronic circuit is a combination of wires and several components that allows various and complex operations to be performed by electronic means. These complex operations are things like amplifying signals, computations, removal of data from one place to another and more. An electronic circuit is composed of the resistor, the transistor, the capacitor, the, inductor, the diode and the conductive wire in which the electric current flow. All of the components together with the wires are interconnected creating an electronic system.

Electronic circuits are usually constructed with the connections of discrete components and individual pieces of wire, today interconnections are made in photolithographic techniques. This technique is done in a laminated substrate also called as PCB or printed circuit board. With PCB, the components are connected to the interconnection through soldering to be able to create a finish circuit.

The electronic circuit is categorized into three types; the analog circuit, the digital circuit and the mixed-signal circuit.

The analog circuit is composed of the wires, the resistors, the capacitors, the inductors, the diodes, the transistors and the memristors (newly introduced). This circuit is commonly represented in the schematic diagram. In here, the connections of wires are shown as connections of wires of lines and the components are shown in their unique or different symbols.(lens.com review)

The digital circuit has the capability to provide logic and memory operations. With this, the digital circuit can be able to perform arbitrary functions. Digital circuits usually make use of extensive transistors. These transistors are interconnected to be able to create logic gates which give the capability to perform Boolean Logic. The digital circuits are considered as easier to design than the analog circuit in their same level of complexity. The reason is that each of the logic gates in the digital circuit regenerates the binary signal, making the designer of the circuit need not account for distortion as well as gain control and offset voltage and other concerns.

The mixed-signal circuits are circuits that contain both the analog as well as the digital circuit. The examples of this circuit are the timers, comparator, PLLs, ADCs and DACs. Mixed-signal circuits are mostly used in the circuitry of radio and modern communication.


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