Some Facts About Brick Patio

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What is brick patio? It is an area that has been designed for recreation and entertainment. This brick patio area is a good place for dining, relaxing and playing cards.

Brick patios come in varying designs. But the brick patio should have to be built keeping in precise measurements in mind for getting the best- designed patios. Fist of all the ground has to b levelled and perfectly angled. Some engineers do recommend a base layer consisting of crushed stone or other materials for having a solid base. Garden fabric is also recommended for preventing weeds.

As patios come in various designs, people are often very much confused. Running Bond Pattern, Basket Weave Pattern, Herringbone Pattern and Circular Pattern are some of the brick patio designs. Running Bond Pattern brick patio is a very simple design in which the bricks are arranged in alternating rows. Every row in the Running Bond Pattern is designed to be in the same position. A classic model, the Running Bond Pattern is one of the most common designs used.

The Circular Pattern brick patio is also popular. More labour is needed for creating Circular Pattern brick patio. In this design, the bricks are laid in circular pattern and extend out from a particular designated point. In the Basket Weave Pattern, the design comes in square type.  In this, two bricks will be placed horizontally in one square and two bricks vertically in the adjoining square. 

Having a class and sophistication, the Circular Patter brick design is also widely used. In the Herringbone Pattern, the bricks are placed in horizontal pattern in alternating directions, which forms a zig zag appearance. This design is mostly used in outdoor settings.

It is good to design brick patios according to the needs and taste of a person. You may hav may ideas when constructing brick patios. So it is always good to discuss with the engineer an\bout your ideas of a patio. The engineer would be able to add something more to your ideas.

The Internet is also a good place for searching various brick patio designs. A well-designed patio adds beauty to the whole building. 


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