Worst Pick-Up Lines Ever

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1.  “I’m impressed” “Why?” “Because you’re so cute..”  Guys, this is lame.  Cute doesn’t cut it.  If you use this line, girls may smile at you, but will know you’r just using some line on her. 

2.  “Have we met before?  You look familiar.”   I think this is the oldest and most used pick-up line of all time.  This may work ages ago, but come on, today?  Not anymore.  Use this and girls will just smirk on you and turn away.

3.  “Hi.  You look like my next girlfriend”  Aggressive.  You may want to choose whom to say this line ‘coz girls still like sweetness and romance and this line?  No sweetness in every word.  Forget it.

4.  “Hi cutie, can I buy you a drink?”.  Well, this may work to some “very” aggressive girls, but trust me, don’t offer to buy her a drink without even knowing her name.

5.  “Do you wanna go somewhere?”Another aggressive playboy move.  Do you actually believe you can get lucky by this pick-up line?  Think again.  You may use this if you get her more relaxed with you and when you see some “flirt” on the girl, but don’t ever use this as an opening line.

6.  “You know those clothes look good on you, what more without?”  Come on pervert, unless you’re talking to a prostitute, then don’t say this to a normal girl even if you just see her inside a bar.  Disrespectful.  Either you get slapped on hte face or have her drinks all over your face.  So save yourself from humiliation.

7.  “I’ve never seen someone as hot as you.”  The beginning is kind of okay until you mentioned the word “hot”  It could’ve worked if you used the word “beautiful” instead.

8.  “Damn you’re hot!”  This could work but not one hundred percent accurate.  Girls may appreciate it but it depends on how you say it and how you look at her while you’re saying it.  So be careful guys.  You can ruin your chance with wrong look, so be as sincere as you are (well, even if you’re not)

These are only few of those worst pick-up lines guys usually use.  There are still hundreds and it goes on and on and on.

My advice to guys out there, just be yourself.  For me the best pick-up line is just by saying a sincere simple “Hi”.  From there, see what happens and remember, don’t try to impress her too much.  Just be yourself, trust me, girls love that.


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