Getting Over Someone Getting Over You

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Getting over someone who is getting over you.  Hard.  In fact, very hard, especially when you still have feelings for that person.  It’s not impossible but it takes time.

For me, getting over takes time.  How long?  It depends on your feelings and on how long you want to nurture that feeling.  It’s all about mind over matter.  Yes, there are some things that only our hearts know, but in the case of getting over someone, you should use your brains here. 

It felt great when you fell in love with that person.  Everything is perfect and seems like it’s never gonna stop.  You only see that person and never mind the world.  All you know is that you’re happy and inlove with that person.  You were inspired to do things you’ve never done before.  You always consider that person’s feelings before you make any decisions in your life.  Sometimes, you even consult that person on your smallest decisions, like for example what to wear.  You trusted that person with all your heart and soul and thinking they will never break your heart. 

Then, it happened.  You two broke up, for reasons you don’t know and don’t understand at all.  You tried to ask yourself what went wrong and what have you done wrong if there’s any.  If you cared too much or less.  If you’re not enough.  Well, whatever the reason for that heartache, it doesn’t really matter.  It’s over.

Now, the hard part to do – getting over.  Not easy at all.  But it can happen in time.

Getting over is hard but what’s harder is knowing that person is over you even before you get over him/her.  That hurts, big time, especially when he/she got over you so fast, that made you question yourself “is that all there is?” 

Seeing the one you love getting over you is excruciating.  I guess nobody can really describe the exact feeling of it.  For me, it’s like a nightmare which you can’t get over with.  Painful and to some fatal. 

There will come a point when you just have to face and deal with it.  Maybe it’s your pride and ego who’s talking and not feelings.  Maybe not.  But whatever it is, you just NEED to get over it, let go and move on.  Don’t pressure yourself to get over it fast.  Healing a broken heart is not instant, it takes time and determination from you – that you will forget about it and move on with your life. 

Hard.  Very hard but not impossible.  Maybe, even if we don’t agree to the saying, we just have to believe that time heals all wonds and that everything happens for a reason.  There are some things that are just not meant to be.


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