Keep Your Hair And Skin From Heat

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     Summer days are on the way in the Indian sub continent, and mercury is moving upward direction which may affect badly on your hair, and skin. It’s a time to control the damage the hot sun does to your hair and skin as the summer sun and humidity are the worst enemies for the hair, and skin. Dry skin, brittle hair, split ends and the frizzy dry hair are the common complaints in these months. Here are some tips which could help you to protect your hair from these sunny days.

* Trim your hair, and keep it short which lets you enjoy the sunny days without worrying about damaging your hair.

* If you are not interested in short hair tie it up to provide less exposure to the sun. But make sure that should not be too tight to cut off circulation.

* Wear a cap or scarf to avoid direct sun rays.

* That is advisable to use protective sunscreen whenever you stay out in the sun for long hours.

* Drink lots of water, juice and coconut water which keep your hair hydrated from within.

* Don’t take head bath in too hot or too cold water.

* Let your hair always air dry.

* Use natural ingredients that increase moisture, shine and elasticity.

* Avoid hair dye which could prone to UV damage.

* Use lemon juice mixed hair oil which could cools your scalp.

These tips could help you to protect your skin from these sunny days.

     Usually, glowing skin begins at your home, and you can use these small tips to keep your skin smooth and fresh.

* Just add four to five drops of jojoba oil with an equal amount of coconut oil and rose water. Wash your face or take bath, apply this oil your face. Along with keeping moisture, it also leaves a pleasant, lingering fragrance.

* Add glycerin with equal amounts of rose water, and add a few drops of lime juice. Use this mixture regularly over night. It keeps the moisture of your skin, and helps to tackle patchy, chapped and dry skin. It removes dark spots, and freckles. It also gives glowing nature to your skin.

* Coconut oil is rich in vitamin and lipid content and regular use softens your skin. Add some cocoa butter to coconut oil, and the mixture protects your skin from dry cold.

* Massage mayonnaise on your face, neck, and other parts of the body. Especially during overnight would protect your skin by sun, cold and pollution throughout the day.

* Aloe Vera creams could work as a good moisturizer, which has also have anti aging properties. Take aloe Vera gel, add equal amount of water, and boil it until it turns creamy. Apply this cream which is good for dry, sunburned skin, rough, chapped lips and elbows.

* Add some almond to milk powder, and mix with glycerin. Add some lemon juice to this mixture. Apply this mixture once in a week which would protect your skin from sun, and cold.


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