Unhealthy Relationships

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Relationships that are physically and mentally abusive are very unhealthy for you, for some though, they feel that is the only love they will ever know and the only way of life,  to allow someone to mistreat you. No one was put on this earth to be mistreated in any way, and striking someone as well as speaking to them in a negative manner is definitely not love at all. The only person you have to answer to is the “almighty”. So why do some people continue in these relationships when they deserve much better? Many think they have no other recourse but to just deal with it, and that is not true. Rather its a male or female.

There is always a place of shelter, comfort and love that you can seek out. There is no need to live your life this way. If someone feel as if they need to physically strike you that is your signal to leave. That is pain and confusion as well as demons that person is fighting within themselves. Until they get help for themselves, then there is no hope for you. They feel the only way to release that anger and confusion is to release it on your face or  by mentally paralysing you.

If you feel you are with the wrong person, or you just grow tired of each other, the best thing to do is remove yourself from the situation and find the right one. I know that is easier said than done. If you’re the one on the path of destruction and doing the abusing the best thing to do is find the right psychiatrist, trust me they have one just for you. Otherwise, have an escape plan, and tell no one but the most trustworthy and important people about it. Because we all deserve a chance at happiness, without being someones punching bag. mentally or physically.

So if no one is showing you love or no one has told you those three special words I think we all need to hear everyday, then let me be the first to say today, ” I love you”.


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