Best Dog Breeds For Children

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The dynamic partnership between dogs and humans has weathered the test of time since the dawn of recorded history-in fact, prehistoric man so loved his four-legged sidekick that he even illustrated his adventures with his trusted companion on cave walls. Today, the presence and addition of a canine into the family household is invaluable. Fido typically provides joy and even protection to the family he considers to be his own. Parents contemplating on getting a dog have to determine the right dog that would adapt well to their household and get along easily with their children. Here are outstanding dog breeds for children and why they perfectly complement any family.

Owning a dog, first and foremost, is a two-way relationship. A dog, as the saying goes, is man’s best friend. Dogs are admired and valued for possessing inherent qualities such as loyalty, friendliness, intelligence, diligence and gratitude. The best dog breeds for children exemplify and demonstrate important life lessons to kids and provide a creative way of teaching children how to be responsible persons and well-rounded individuals. It is as important to consider the needs of man’s beloved four-legged best friend before introducing him into the homestead especially when children are a part of the household.

Depending on the age, size, and-in some cases-special conditions of one’s kids, the most suitable dog breeds for children are found across dog breed groups and size. Although some working dogs are deemed unsuitable as pets for average families, Siberian Huskies, Great Pyreneeses, Bernese Mountain Dogs and Portuguese Water Dogs-to name a few-have proven over generations that size and strength can correspond with gentleness and tolerance. The Portuguese Water Dog, in fact, is a hypoallergenic dog that makes a good fit for families with children that are allergic to dog fur. Other hypoallergenic dogs that are also excellent dog breeds for children include Poodles, Pharaoh Hounds, and Miniature Schnauzers. The Miniature Schnauzer, although diminutive in stature, is classified as a working dog that, despite its size, can bark on par with larger-sized watch dogs which makes them suitable guard dogs as well.

Size often matters when it comes to young children in particular. Dogs that get aggressive and rough around kids may not be aware of their dimensions and strength-though it is a common misconception to think that smaller dogs consequently make perfect pets for kids by virtue of their size. Very young children may be more vulnerable to dogs that are too hyper and snappy while bigger dogs with a calm disposition such as Basset Hounds, Bulldogs and Bullmastiffs-on the other hand-blend easily with families. The Bullmastiff, in particular, can adapt well in most dwellings and does not require ample grooming and exercise. Matching the individual needs of a dog with the family’s characteristic lifestyle is critical in choosing a family pet. Kids above toddler age could handle smaller child-friendly dogs such as the iconic Beagle and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi-with its sturdy built, the Corgi can handle rigorous playtime with kids.

No matter what the breed, dogs can adapt well with families when they are introduced into the home as puppies. Mixed breeds should not be overlooked simply because of their pedigree. A mutt which can be adopted at the local animal shelter or Humane Society makes a viable option for selecting among top dog breeds for children. Going through the process of pet adoption with one’s kids is a good opportunity to teach them about the virtues of compassion and altruism. When the entire family is ready to commit to the responsibility of owning a pet dog, any of these wonderful dogs can both be an adult’s and a child’s best friend.


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