Travel Tips For Grand Canyon Traveller Without Using a Travel Agency

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The Basic Guide for Grand Canyon Travelling without a Travel Agency

Grand Canyon is a very huge landmark located at the North America.  In the Canyon, there is so many activities you can do with your partner or your family.

Plan for a Few Days for Travelling in Grand Canyon

It is always a wise idea to plan for a few days for a Grand Canyon Trip.  It is because it is too many attractions and things you can do in the Grand Canyon.  From have a boat trip on the Colorado to flying with a helicopter on the top of the Canyon, you will not be able to do that in one day.

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Take a lot of Water and Supplies when You are Planning for Hiking in Grand Canyon

You will always need to bring more than enough water and food when you are planning to hiking or camping in the Grand Canyon, it is because you may end up out of supplies and unable to find a store to refill.  Grand Canyon is a very huge place and very attractive for people who love to stay with the nature, and it also mean you will not be able to find many stores there as a town or city.

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Understand that is Two Part of the Canyon

If you are travelling without using a travel agent, you will to find out which part of the Grand Canyon you want to travel – The North or the South are divided by the Colorado River.  Planning for the North part will take you less time to commute but kinda less attractions and it takes more time to commute if you are going to the South side but has more place for sightseeing.

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