3 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Why hire an Abbotsford Personal Injury Lawyer for your personal injury claim for a car accident or other mishap?

You could represent yourself. But, there are 3 reasons why you’d want to have an Abbotsford Personal Injury Lawyer fighting your case for you instead of acting as your own lawyer.
When you’re considering filing a personal injury claim you have 2 options: hire a lawyer to fight your case for your or represent yourself.

In a previous video we discussed representing yourself. In this video, we’ll discuss 3 reasons you would want to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you in court.

Reason One:
An experienced personal injury lawyer will often be able to get your case settled quickly. If you make sure that you deal with a lawyer who specializes in your specific type of claim, they know exactly where the pitfalls and opportunities are and they will maximize your chances of an advantageous outcome.

On this note, it’s better to choose someone who specializes in your specific type of case than to go with a general personal injury lawyer for obvious reasons.

How do you know if they’re experienced in this area? Usually they will advertise the fact if they specialize in a particular type of case – and if they don’t ask them what they specialize in before telling them what type of claim you have. Their answer will then reflect their priorities and you won’t have to wonder if they’re simply telling you what you want to hear.

Reason Two:
A lawyer who specializes in your type of claim will also be able to accurately judge what your claim may be worth – and they’re more likely to get you more money at the end of the day. When you’re representing yourself, it’s difficult to be objective and you can easily hurt your credibility AND your claim by setting your demands too high or too low. YOu can also lose a case, or delay it or make it a lot more expensive by falling short in any number of areas – from mistakes in the paperwork to mistakes in the way you file your claim.

These types of errors won’t happen with an experienced lawyer working for you.

Reason Three:
It’s not easy to represent yourself. Most people find it very difficult to be unemotional and objective when they’re attacked. And make no mistake, when the opposition lawyers see that you are representing yourself, they will quickly do all they can to rock your confidence and make you lose your cool. You can unwittingly contradict yourself – or appear to – and completely destroy your credibility. You can forget a detail and be made to look as if you deliberately omitted it. It’s much easier to have someone who is used to this kind of adversarial environment and to the legal ins and outs of the court system working for you.

Fighting a court case is nerve wracking – even with a lawyer. It’s tedious and stressful. Fighting on your own can add a level of stress over and above everything you’ve already suffered. For most people, this additional cost is more difficult to bear than the financial cost – and it invariably takes a toll on your relationships as well.

If you are thinking of filing a personal injury claim, consider these reasons – and before making any final decisions as to whether to go it alone or have someone represent you, request our free white paper:

“8 things you MUST know and 14 questions you MUST ask before hiring a personal injury lawyer”.

You can request this paper from the site abbotsfordpersonalinjurylawyer(dot)com. Just put in your email address and name in the space provided and you’ll receive an email with an instant download link. There’s no obligation – it’s free and waiting to answer your questions right now. There is no cost and no obligation.


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