Acer Iconia Laptop

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The earnings that this Taiwanese PC manufacturer has been receiving for several recent years have been increasing from time to time. This is because of their products that meet the requirements of end users well. Nonetheless, the company is even trying to get better with its latest product which is named the Iconia. This latest product is claimed to take part in the competition of tablets competing against Toshiba Libretto W105 and the latest tablet from Asus, another Taiwanese manufacturer.

Acer Iconia is a next generation notebook PC, or tablet we should say, that features more than just a single display device, to start with. It has 2 displays, all of which are equipped with full touch screen interface. Better yet, those using this particular tablet will have the possibilities to do different things simultaneously such as playing games on one display and browsing the internet on the other display. It seems that Acer understands multitasking indeed.

In addition to that, users can type comfortably using the virtual keyboard that comes featured right on the tablet itself. Designed with a QWERTY layout, this virtual keyboard also supports international language in addition to text predictive input. It is also easy to activate. Users simply need to place their hands on the second display below and the virtual keyboard will pop up right away.

This particular tablet from Acer is also perfect for those that are always into personalization. With it, users can make up their own gestures which they can later use for the purpose of launching applications and surfing the World Wide Web pages among other possible things to do. All these gestures can be made using the gesture editor provided.

SocialJogger is another interesting aspect of the Iconia. With the SocialJogger, users won’t have to worry about missing updates on their Youtube, Flicker, Facebook or any other social networks that they may join.

Last but not least, cloud computing technology support has already been provided along with this product. With, it is possible for the users to share and communicate their media files with other people using other devices – and even other platforms – as long as all of them have support for this new cloud computing technology.

Iconia is offered for sale with the specification options including Core i5 (480M, 560M, 580M), Intel HD graphics, 4GB DDR3 RAM, USB 2.0/3.0, 4-cell li-ion battery, HDD (320, 500, 640, 750GB), 3G WWAN, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and built-in mic and speakers.

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