Eating at Logan's Roadhouse

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Normally I never write a restaurant review but, this time I am going to make an exception!

On my birthday, and my family decided to take me to Logan’s Roadhouse for my birthday meal. We have been to Logan’s many times for a variety reasons. My wife likes their rolls, the two older kids like playing the free music on the jukebox, and my youngest son likes the fact that he can throw peanut shells on the floor and not get into trouble!

When we got our food there were some problems but, nothing major! Just an undercooked sweet potato, and a few rubbery fries. But, the waiter was quick to fix it, and everybody was happy.

After I was finished eating my grilled meatloaf (Yes, I went to a steak house and had meatloaf, and it was GREAT!) the waiter brought me a mini-bucket (it is what it sounds like) with some kind of sundae in it. The waiter looked at me said “I heard it was your birthday, and we wanted you to have this!” I was very surprised to receive it along with my wife (who did tell the waiter it was my birthday).

As I looked at my birthday treat it had whipped cream and some kind of peanut-butter on top. A spoon full showed a layer of chocolate, and then chocolate mousse underneath. As I put the first bite into my mouth I thought I was going to Heaven! I am not a chocolate lover in any form but, this was delicious! I asked the waiter what this mini-bucket was called and he said it was the “Nutter Butter Fudgeslide”.

All I got to say is if you ever get the chance to go to a Logan’s Roadhouse you need to get the Nutter ButterFudgeslide. It will blow you away!

Logan’s Roadhouse is known for its mesquite smoked steaks, and one old roadhouse atmosphere. It is also known for its yeast rolls, and unlimited shell peanuts. If you are traveling you find Logan’s Roadhouse in twenty-three states in the Midwest, and California with about 180 locations to choose from! 


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