How To Deal With Separation Anxiety In Your Puppy

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Regular symptoms of separation anxiety in your puppy include excessive barking, whining, destructive behavior as well as self mutilation. These are the means your dog utilizes to express anxiety over your absence. In other words, he does all these in an effort to show how he feels at your leaving him alone. This is one of the many difficulties that puppy owners often take care of. The good news is there are lots of things you can do to assist your dog to beat this condition. All it involves is patience, perseverance and cooperation with your puppy. Don’t ever think that the puppy is bad when he display all these signs. On the contrary, see it as a method to help him get over his anxiety and feel at home wherever you put him.

The number one thing you should do is to check with your veterinarian in order to get a correct diagnosis of the problem. Let him inspect your dog to establish that the condition is actually separation anxiety and not another problem. He is in the best position to help you discover the accurate treatment. If he cannot help you, he will be familiar with one or two animal behaviorist that can be of assistance to prescribe appropriate drug therapies to deal with the problem.

One more thing you can do to deal with puppy separation anxiety is to rehearse leaving your puppy alone for few minutes. Start off with one minute. Analyze his reactions. When he becomes acquainted to one minute, raise it to five minutes and more. This will help your dog to become used to your departure.

It is highly recommended for you to stay away from too much emotional greetings when you are departing. This makes your dog to become attached to you emotionally and he will display all the traits of separation anxiety stated above so as to make you shelve the idea of leaving him. The solution is to simply pat him on the head and say a quick good-bye to him. The same thing also applies to when you come back. Let the compliments be short so that he can go on with his way of life and not even feel your presence in the house.

One more approach to cope with puppy separation anxiety is to go out and exercise with your dog. Doing the exercise outside your house will make your puppy feel more comfortable in locations apart from the house. Spend lots of time outside the home together so that he can catch a glimpse of other pets that have overcome the crisis.

In an effort to shun harmful behavior borne out of separation anxiety, it is indispensable to keep your dog in a safe and sound area while you are not around. Make sure that the place is as relaxed as possible. Make sure you have a bowl of water and a lot of chew toys surrounding him so that he will not start chewing anything he sees around him.

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