A Plan And What Follows

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It is strange how you plan things to be and how different they turn out eventually. There is always someone messing with your plans out there and you don’t have the slightest idea of who that might possibly be. While you would sit there cosily proposing things, there would be a counter-part to perfection with which you would be involuntarily related to and which would keep on disposing your lovely thoughts.

                      If you bring a little bit of negation with you and concoct something good thus ruling out or considering every bad possibility that might happen then there is a chance you might end up fulfilling your dream in the long run. No wonder we call that chance – mere ‘luck’. While people in the world are busy looking for things that might change their luck so as to whatever they plan would go according to their plan, they forget that they stand amongst their brethren ‘blockheads’ who are just like themselves. They believe in getting duped. They believe in getting conned.

                     To face the challenges that might pop up every now and then while working on a plan, it is necessary ‘to be prepared’. This is what everyone suggests. But you’ll be surprised to discover that all your premonitions were mere dust and all those possibilities you thought of earlier which were actually going to happen would not be sought after by ‘destiny’ to screw up your plan. The things which you never gave an eye or an ear to, would show up in the end thus ruining your plan altogether. Weird but true!

                     Mark my words- I am not giving an advice to stop planning from now on rather I am making you look at the wider picture of how things go around in the world as if someone in this world is hiding from your eyes while listening to your every conversation, trying to be discrete at the same time, albeit busy planning to destroy your plan altogether. If you say it loud – “I’ll plan it like this and then I’ll start working on it straightaway”, you’d be surprised to see that nothing actually would happen the way you planned it to be and the proposed date and the day simply would pass without making itself look like a big deal to your orbs.


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